Monday, October 24, 2011

Glittery Wood Pecker

My sister Rachel recently got back from New Orleans and sent a mask over for Audrey.We are still going strong with whole treasure hunt madness so the "treasure" is getting more and more lame by the hunt. It's usually whatever random item is laying around. So it was extra fun to put a real surprise at the end of a hunt. Audrey had never seen one of these masks and it was funny to watch her make sense of it. I thought for sure she'd wear it for a second and be over it b/c it didn't look very comfortable. But, she wore it for hours and decided it must be a bird Halloween mask, specifically a wood pecker. She pecked around with it for such a long time. So funny. She figured Kyle would be just as excited as she was so she planned a treasure hunt for him to find it when he got home from work.


Kellie said...

That last picture is the BEEEEST! Aud's face AND her cute little hand!

The Hull Family said...

Love that pink "woodpecker" mask!!

Staying at the Disneyland hotel is such a good idea!! I think you just inspired me to do that with my family. It looked like so much fun.

Presley family said...

So cute!!!!! LOVE that last pic!