Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pretend City

We looooove pretend city. We went twice this month. We went on our usual bogo Friday and then we went another day. I took a million pics of the day that was not bogo b/c it was a MAGICAL day. I can't believe how much better it was to go with WAY LESS people. We had every station to ourselves. It was soooo relaxing and fun to enjoy everything with just Audrey and I. Aud's FAVORITE thing to do is play pretend ... since she was two. So we did it all and stayed for hours.

This is a slice of life pic. Liv's getting a little pushy with Aud these days. They've got opposite personalities.

Pretend City has added a little watermelon patch. It's adorable.

And...the fall harvest is in. So cute.

The worker told me that they'd just gotten all of their garden stuff out of the dishwasher so I let Liv enjoy the garden as well. She LOVED it. The two of them sat there forever, Aud had a lot of gardening to do.

As if the day wasn't magical enough...they were making fairy wings and wands in the art studio!!! Hollaaaa! Our very fav! The craft was soooo cute and soooo easy. I can't wait to have a few of Aud's friends over to re-create the fun.

Audey wore those wings all day long. She fell asleep in them before I could get her into her pj's.

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