Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Liv'n at 7 months!

Oh my little angel is growing up way too fast! Here's a quick look at Liv's 7th month.

Minnie for Halloween.
Their new favorite trick

Loves the remote.
Still loves to smile. She's got two teeth now. I'm loving the two teeth grins.

This little gal has had a fun 7th month. Lots of Halloween madness.

Loves: Dancing, Waving Hi and when she's happy or excited, and BALLS. Liv's fav toy is a dancing skeleton. She sits with him and pushes his button all day long and dances with him. So cute and funny.

Liv has also become a great eater! Yay, I always wanted one of those!


TOAD said...

So cute. By the way I drove by your house on Halloween on my way to a haunted house in your neighborhood. Your house looked so cute. :)


I know you said she doesn't look like Aud, but I totally see Aud's little face when I look at Liv! They are both so adorable!