Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baby Liv

These are just a whole bunch of random pics in random order!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Special Day

Yesterday morning when Audrey woke up I told her it was her "special day" bc it was our last day together just the two of us and she is becoming a big sister. The first thing she asked was if she was playing with friends. Jodee totally had Audrey's special day in mind when I called her at the last second and invited her to join us. We went to pretend city and the girls had a great time. Here's a whole bunch of pics with nobody looking at the camera. Thanks to Jodee and her girls for the funnest "last day". Last night when Audrey said her prayer before bed it was mostly about pretend city and Brighton. The cutest part was, after her prayer she said "mommy, was I good to Brighton today?" I told her she was a very good friend and Brighton was too. It's so sweet the way the two of them work at their friendship!
Audrey's fav game at home is playing "summer". She makes lemonade and we go outside with our sunglasses on and she talks about how hot it is even though it's freezing. She can't wait for summer to come. As soon as we got to the fake beach she was soooo excited to play summer.

Audrey could have spent the entire day in the garden area. It was adorable.
Brighton was killing me her random detergent needs at the grocery store...


We started ballet (again). This time Audrey became a ballerina (constantly pretending to be a ballerina) before we started ballet class so things went very well. I tried to put her in ballet a little while ago but I should have known that you have to be a ballerina in order to attend class (we quit after two classes). Audrey just started her ballet obsession out of blue and when I took her to payless she transformed in front of everyone in the store, when she put her special ballet shoes on, for the first time. I will seriously never forget it, she was so excited and just couldn't stop the ballet moves from flowing. During class Audrey constantly leaves the group to give me quick kisses, it's so random but sweet. Kyle is going to take her on Thurs since I'll be in the hospital and I know he is gonna absolutely melt, especially if he gets the kiss treatment that I get. (thank you Megan for the cutest leg warmers...they warm my heart every week)

Audrey got her first pet at the grocery store the other night. She treats it like a pet and says she is ready for another one. We might have to go back for a dog since the cat has worked out so well. She is very good about feeding and taking care of him. He's the best animal I've ever heard of.

Audrey has had a HUGE gardening obsession, so we planted a little window garden a few weeks ago. She waters her garden every day and it's been really fun for both of us. She is always getting me to try new things...I'm def not the gardening type, that's why we do indoor gardening.