Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dream Come True

Today KT made Audrey's dreams come true. Audrey prays for three things EVERY night..."bless me to go fishing, bless me to go to the candy store and bless me to get a water pool". KT took Audrey to Kmart and answered her prayers. Audrey has been in the pool all day and all night. She can't wait to have her own white-trash pool bash. Thirteen dollars well spent.

1 Month

My Lovely-Liv is a whole month old today!!! I can NOT believe it! Every day I die over what a total sweetheart she is.

Some fun facts about Liv...

She's got the sweeeeetest lil smile. It's always open-mouthed.

She is a scrambler...she runs those little sticks up my chest like no other. It's so funny. She reminds me of a baby monkey. She would kick like crazy in my belly so I'm not surprised she likes to use her legs.

She holds her head up really well and does a little push up and looks all around. I loooove watching her and talking to her when she's awake. She tries so hard to keep up with everyone. And she has the funniest little expressions.

She makes the cuuutest noises...I wish so badly I could get some noises on video. She talks and smiles with Audrey the best.

When Liv was just born they couldn't keep her crying if I was talking so I had to be quiet while they got all the fluid out of her lungs. She loooooves to be talked to and I love to talk to her. We have special conversations at 3 in the morning.

Audrey is in love with her baby sister and loves her with all her little heart. She always asks Liv, "What you thinkin' 'bout?".

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter -2011

We had the Happiest Easter with our TWO girls! I was so excited for family, fun and of course matchy outfits for my gals!

The Easter Bunny left an adorable spread...if I do say so myself! I'm always looking for a way to use a plastic table cloth (it's the ghetto in me)! Audrey was most excited about her pumpkin seed tutu (thanks megan!).

Liv exploded out of her outfit before sacrament was even over and I had to toss her little tights.

We partied with both my family and Kyle's family. It was such a treat. Natalie cooked a wonderful dinner and the decor was adorable.

Friday, April 15, 2011


This week my mom came over a couple times and watched Liv so I could get out with Audrey and have some fun, even though I can barely walk. We enjoyed the water over at the town center today. This hot weather is getting me excited for summer!

I also took Audrey to her dance class this week and it was extra fun b/c we haven't been together in a while.

Baby Liv has been hitting up the trampoline with the rest of the crew.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Liv'n Lately

I would just like to say how very grateful I am to our families for the TONS of help they have given us. We are SO blessed with such wonderful mothers and Grandma Joyce in our lives. Without them I would be one broke down momma! I can't even begin to say how grateful I am to Kyle for all his full-time help and patience for days straight. He such a good hubby and daddy, we Thompson girls are so lucky to have him. He is our "Prince Eric". Liv has been a dream so far, she sleeps most of the day and gets up a couple times at night. She has been so good to me, I just love her to bits already. I LOVE looking at her face and watching her expressions b/c she doesn't look like Audrey, she's a totally new little person. Audrey has been a dream big sister, like I knew she would be. She washes her little hands all on her own before she touches Liv's face. She is so proud of her little sister. If we can't talk her into doing something we say that Liv will come and then she jumps right up to do it. I still feel broken and useless but I know I'll heal eventually. These nursing contractions are epidural-worthy! I was in the same pain when I cried for epidural in the hospital. And, somebody left a hard, painful basketball in my stomach. Again, I don't know what I'd do without our moms. I'm just so grateful for all the help from friends and family and I'm so, so grateful for this new little dream-gal in my life.
Kyle took pics of Audrey having her first tea party with Liv. Audrey "took a-lax" (Audrey is always "taking a lax"'s her way of saying that she needs to relax for a minute) with Liv after the party.

We've been enjoying lemonade service in the evenings, Audrey loves to put on a show in her random get-ups and then serve lemonade afterwards. Last night she was so upset she didn't have gloves like the princesses so Kyle took her to find some and she showed up with leg warmers on her arms, so funny.