Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Month of Kacey

My sister in law Kacey got married this month and we celebrated all month long. I LOVE Kyle's family and had such a fun time with them this month getting ready for Kacey and JJ's big day at the Temple.

We started with a super fun, yummy and adorable wedding shower thrown by Kellie, Kacey's sister.

Next we spent a morning at the Temple where Kacey and Sandy (cousins and BFF's) were able to go through for the first time together.

That very night we celebrated with yummy food, LOTS OF LAUGHING and fun games. Isn't Kacey the cutest bachelorette?!

Then it was time for the big day. It was absolutely PERFECT and the bride was GORGEOUS.

Audrey with her Grandma-Great

Kyle's entire family...

Kyle and his siblings...

Me and my doll...

Aud had a great time running around...

The reception was so much fun, here I am with my sisters...

My entire family came and we had such a good time together.

Watermelon + Dancing + her cousins and family = Heaven on earth for Audrey

Aud and Daddy

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter 2009

We had a jam packed Easter Sunday, full of love, fun and Easter bunny Surprises!

Audrey and I discovered our very first Easter baskets in the bathroom. KT had made us each a little basket all on his own. It was so cute of him. It cracked me up to see what he had picked out for each of us.

Here is mine...

Here is Audrey' cute and funny.

She loved her pretend blackberry with ear piece.

Next we opened Easter baskets from the REAL Easter bunny.

Here is what the very generous and thoughtful and wonderful Easter bunny left for KT... an Easter tie and some new shoes (MUCH needed).

Here is Audrey's Easter basket from the once again, very thoughtful Easter bunny...

Audrey has an obsession with magnets and stickers, so she oooed at all her new favorites. Audrey loves things she can peel and stick.

We enjoyed a huge Easter breakfast with my family.

Audrey enjoyed her breakfast with her toys.

We even let her join in on some dessert...she was allowed one ear.

These guys brought Aud. the CUTEST Easter goodies. Thanks David and Julia!

In nursery Audrey enjoyed the Easter Egg hunt but had no interest in fighting for the eggs. She was totally content with a crayon she'd brought out from the nursery room. She had one egg in her bag and the other kids had like ten. She just putted around after the kids for the rest of the hour eating what they left behind. I love it when she eats after other's my favorite (not).

When we got home from church it was all I could do to get her dress off before she fell asleep. This girl was POOPED. She wouldn't give up that egg so I let her take it down with her. She held onto it for her entire nap.

My entire family went to the Thompsons along with the Bullards (JJ's family) for Easter dinner. Easter dinner was SUCH a treat for Kyle, Audrey and I because we got to enjoy it with all of our favorite people. I seriously can't put into words how much I LOVE, LOVE Kyle's family.

I forced Audrey into pair of jeans b/c it was a bit chilly. Kellie took this funny picture b/c I bought Audrey jeans just like mine. We were matchy matchy.

Audrey opened a little basket which was actually the cutest little bunny purse from Grandma and Grandpa Thompson. Aud immediately removed the goodies and filled it with her two favorite toys at Grandma's house, Mr Mozart and Mr Beethoven, little statues that are actually aunt Kellie's trophy's. Audrey then insisted she wear it on her wrist with one strap only.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Yesterday we met some friends and family for fun at the bay. It was SUCH a beautiful and relaxing day. We enjoyed ourselves over some bean and cheese.

SOMEBODY gave Audrey a See's sucker...every time anyone came close to her she started screaming while clenching it between her teeth. She was paranoid it was going to be taken away, which it eventually was of course.

Sunday, April 5, 2009