Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Christmas Double!

We had an extra fun night last night because we got to party Christmas-style twice! First we enjoyed Audrey's Christmas party at Gymboree...

It was extra fun because Kyle was able to join us. Gymboree with Kyle was a completely different experience for Audrey than Gymboree with mommy.

Don't worry...Kyle didn't embarrass us at all...

nope...not one bit

still not...

and still not...even when he got stuck...

I LOVE this picture...it pretty much sums up Audrey's entire night.

Here is Audrey in the middle of the "snowfall" (bubble fall).

This little ramp was meant for the kids throw balls at and then let them roll down. Audrey had other ideas...

KT had even better ideas than Audrey...we definitely got some dirty looks once this started going down. I had two rule breakers on my hands!

Audrey was happy to meet Santa...she gave a good high five and chatted with him later while enjoying her treat.

Thanks for the good time dad!

We hurried home to celebrate a very special Birthday! My dad turned 59 this week! As soon as we start lighting candles Audrey starts practicing her blowout.

Here is my bro David with his son Ryan. Ryan is such a little cutie and SUCH a good boy. He has turned into a BIG BOY too!


I was so excited to use my CUTEST EVER Happy Birthday sign. My friend Ashley made it for me and I'm in LOVE with it.

My Bday Diddy and I

Ever since I was a child I have called my dad "Big Boy" (you have to scream it out loud with a southern accent) and eventually my brother became "Big Boy Jr" . Here are both of my 'Big Boys'!

Party people

Luv this guy

Diddy...reading his cards...

Loving his present...a new coat from all of us. Rachel told him that it's totally fine if he doesn't like it, BUT, if he doesn't like it then he doesn't know what looks good. He promised her that he likes it.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

An Albertsons Miracle

I am in love with my Albertsons down the street. I've never been a huge Albertsons fan...not sure why. But, with their expertise in kid-friendly shopping they have won my heart and my moola. I don't dread the grocery store anymore...I actually look forward to it as something fun to do with Audrey...a miracle!

They have special shopping carts for those kiddies who LOVE to do things like push baby strollers and shopping carts at home. If your kiddie isn't quite ready for their very own toddler size cart they also have the giant cars attached to the shopping carts (two-seats with two steering wheels). Love the options!

My little customer in training...

At check out they have balloons ready and waiting! AND they have a free scale for the kids to jump on AND they have a wonderful quarter machine area. I love promising Audrey some .25 junky surprises...but not all grocery stores have them and I never can remember which ones do. Also...the quarter machines really are a quarter not a .75 cent rip off.

The end result...I have the happiest gal sporting her .25 cent sparkler instead of a screaming baby ripping open every snack and treat she can get her hands on. Albertsons has it all and I had to share this very important find with my closest friends!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Calling all Shoppers!!!


Come on by for some VERY YUMMY lunch and last minute affordable and VERY ADORABLE gifts!!!

What: A bow party!!!! With the fabulous Krista Jones!!!! AND, not just a regular bow party but a clippie club party where you can make your own bows too!!!! Krista will also have lots of beauties for sale so don't worry if you're not willing to bust out your glue gun.

Where: My house: email me for my address

When: This Saturday, December 19th From 12-2 (sorry Stacy)

Who: EVERYONE and your friend, neighbor and mom!!!

Also: If you would like to make some bows they are about $3.00 a piece to make. And, bring your own glue gun, glue sticks and extension cord to avoid waiting in line and sharing with others.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dland Daddy

As a late Bday present to me, KT took a day off work to come to Dland with Aud and I. I LOVE Disneyland with KT for SO many reasons.

I had someone to take my picture...

Someone to force me to try new shows and rides (I can get stuck on my usual fav's). KT had us watching all these super fun 3d shows I'd never explored. Audrey LOVED LOVED the 3D shows.

Someone to carry Audrey for me...

Someone to ride the carousel with, 5 times in a row!!! I love the carousel at CA Ad. it's way cuter with all the crazy fishes to ride.

Someone to take aud on the spinning kiddie rides that make me SICK but Aud LOVES.

AND, to top off an already dreamy day..........they were serving FLOUR tortillas at the tortilla factory!!!!! I had to go a couple times throughout the day.

KT now has a pass so we can feel the Christmas magic at least one evening a week!!!!!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Gobble Gobble

Happy SUPER LATE Thanksgiving! We have had a malfunctioning mouse (coke zero accident) so my posting has fallen behind.

This year KT and I hosted our 1st Thanksgiving dinner.
I made my 1st turkey. I decided I was going to purchase my turkey the day before Thanksgiving b/c I hate raw meat sitting my fridge. I soon realized why everyone has a turkey sitting in their fridge days before thanksgiving...THEY COME FROZEN!!! So...I did what I do best, bought one all ready to go! I picked one up from Lucille's the night before... it was so big I had to push it across the parking lot in my stroller!

There was a lot of love...

A lot of horsing around...

And, a lot of picture taking

The ladies in the kitchen

Of course Audrey and KT hogged baby Ryan all night.