Monday, October 24, 2011

Glittery Wood Pecker

My sister Rachel recently got back from New Orleans and sent a mask over for Audrey.We are still going strong with whole treasure hunt madness so the "treasure" is getting more and more lame by the hunt. It's usually whatever random item is laying around. So it was extra fun to put a real surprise at the end of a hunt. Audrey had never seen one of these masks and it was funny to watch her make sense of it. I thought for sure she'd wear it for a second and be over it b/c it didn't look very comfortable. But, she wore it for hours and decided it must be a bird Halloween mask, specifically a wood pecker. She pecked around with it for such a long time. So funny. She figured Kyle would be just as excited as she was so she planned a treasure hunt for him to find it when he got home from work.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pretend City

We looooove pretend city. We went twice this month. We went on our usual bogo Friday and then we went another day. I took a million pics of the day that was not bogo b/c it was a MAGICAL day. I can't believe how much better it was to go with WAY LESS people. We had every station to ourselves. It was soooo relaxing and fun to enjoy everything with just Audrey and I. Aud's FAVORITE thing to do is play pretend ... since she was two. So we did it all and stayed for hours.

This is a slice of life pic. Liv's getting a little pushy with Aud these days. They've got opposite personalities.

Pretend City has added a little watermelon patch. It's adorable.

And...the fall harvest is in. So cute.

The worker told me that they'd just gotten all of their garden stuff out of the dishwasher so I let Liv enjoy the garden as well. She LOVED it. The two of them sat there forever, Aud had a lot of gardening to do.

As if the day wasn't magical enough...they were making fairy wings and wands in the art studio!!! Hollaaaa! Our very fav! The craft was soooo cute and soooo easy. I can't wait to have a few of Aud's friends over to re-create the fun.

Audey wore those wings all day long. She fell asleep in them before I could get her into her pj's.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


We went to the Dland Hotel for a couple nights and I don't think I'll ever vacation anywhere else, until my kids are all older. Nothing can compare. Easiest, funnest and closest. You get into the parks an hour before they open and you get to eat tons of yummy food at downtown disney and everyone gets a nap! The hotel takes all the pain out of Disneyland. We went to the park for a few hours, hit the awesome pool, took a long nap and then went back to the parks, both days.

The back wall of the room. So cute. We slept under the stars. It all lights up and plays the Disney song.
Lots of bed jumping. none for me.

Audrey packed every tutu and princess dress she owns and some dress up jewelry too.

Baby Liv flapped her pants off at the clubhouse show.

Audrey's fav, the Rain forest cafe. She is in rare form every time we eat there. Funny.

The pool area is CRAWLING with lifeguards. It's impossible for anyone to even swallow a mouthful of water. They are all over everyone. There were so many LITTLE kids just roaming free b/c the lifeguards were basically babysitting. Of course we couldn't take advantage of that though b/c Audrey won't roam more than a foot from my side.

Kyle MADE me go down the water slide even though I was scared. I went like ten times in a row after my first try. so fun!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pajama Party

I was SO SO SO excited for the Mother-Daughter ward campout this year. Aud was even more excited than me. I got the flu, so we missed it. We were both heartbroken. Seriously. SO... we had our own. I let Audrey handle the theme, she settled on: "Mother-Daughter/Girls Only, Pink, Princess, Pajama Party".

We had all her friends from the campout over. A fun group of mothers and daughters whom we don't get enough fun hangouts with. We decorated crown sugar cookies. Enjoyed a super fun treasure hunt. And, ended our night with a pink-princess gift exchange so everyone left with a present. Seriously, the best party we've ever had. I think all the girls had SO much fun. I want to do another one asap! Unfortunately my sd card was not in my camera when I took a million pics of the whole party so I got some pics from my friend Carly who was able to take a few.

I didn't let the girls go outside because that was where the treasure hunt ended. I had (i mean kt had) the tent set up with white lights around and goody bags inside the tent.

Princess-Pajama FRENZY

At every clue station was a princess item for everyone to put on before we went to find the next clue. Seriously, these girls SCREAMED THEIR LITTLE GUTSIES OUT the entire time. It was so hilarious.

So glad we get to be in such a wonderful ward/stake with so many wonderful families and friends. Hopefully we'll make the real campout next year.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


here are some quick pics of us lately...

There are certain things about being a mom that I naturally LOVE, packing lunches (so far) is one of them. I LOOOVE cookie cutters, I only have a few but I've found a reason besides cookies to buy them! I love finding fun little surprises for Aud's lunch.

We were leaving for preschool this morning and Audrey said, "take a pic of me in my sunglasses for dad and send it to his phone".

She's been pretty good about the whole school thing, once in a while she'll say she doesn't want to go. When this happens I tell her she has to go to the Dr and she decides right away she really wants to go to school.

Liv started eating. She really likes eating, she chews really well but instead of swallowing once she's done chewing she shovels it all out with her tongue. So, she actually just eats whatever slides down accidentally.

We have a dog pecking order...Kyle is Audrey's dog (we ride our dogs...don't know why we don't just call them horses) and Audrey is Liv's dog. I'm too tired to be anybody's dog.

ps. I can't believe Kristen got voted off dwts last night! What the...

pss. We've also been getting a kick out of Up All Night. And I die laughing hysterically over The Middle. (some friendly suggestions)