Sunday, June 27, 2010

Father's Day with GrandDiddy!

We got to spend Father's day week with my Grandpa who lives in Georgia. It was his first time meeting his great grandchildren. Bless his heart...he was missing a front tooth b/c he fell on his face the day before he was due to fly out and once he got here he wept the whole time. My Grandmother passed away before she was healthy enough to fly out to meet her Grandkids so it was very emotional for him to meet them without her.

We celebrated Father's day at my's the ladies.

Ryan is already climbing the walls...

All of our Father's day fella's

Williford generation.


KT was in charge of the grilling.

My parents

The girls with Grand-diddy...


The Grandkids

Stingin' it

My sweet Dad gave my mom Sting tickets for their Anniversary this year. They were pretty darn good seat, bless his heart. We had a really good time. At the end of the night I promised myself I'd do things like this more often.

Our little buddy back there in the bright pink was supa fabulous with her LOUD singing and her psycho screaming.

ps. They had the BEST cotton candy i've ever tasted. Made the experience that much sweeter.

Beach Babies

We sure are enjoying the bay lately. It's pretty much the only thing we do now that dland is blocked out for a while.


Ella is a profession sea snail/slug finder. We told her that we'd take a picture and count how many she found but there were WAY too many to count and line up. I am now so grossed out to walk around in that water b/c I feel like I'm just walking on snails (ewe)!

Audrey was very busy in the sand bakery baking cakes for everyone and then delivering them.

Ella taught Audrey to dip her hair for the perfect front jerry(jheri)-curl.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bakerella in training...

Oh, my little Betty has been killing me lately with her baking skills. One of Audrey's favorite things to do is bake. She begs to "bake a cake" on a daily basis. I snapped a few pics while she helped me bake some cookies the other day.

I let her make herself a few cookies and she rolled the dough between her hands just like mommy and lined up her little dough balls just like mommy.

She was begging for some choc. chips so I told her she could have some if she opened the bag (assuming she would not get the bag open). So, she got herself a butter knife and cut that bag right open. Cracked me up...I couldn't go back on my word that point.

I always let her measure a few ingredients in her own bowl and crack an egg...she's gotten pretty good at doing both. She didn't get a single shell in her egg this time. I got her egg skills on video.

Disney Day

Disneyland is always way more fun when we go with Daddy. So when he takes a day off of work everything feels just a little more magical.

We checked out pixie hallow for the first time and loved it. Audrey LOVES Tinkerbell and was 100% convinced that she was going to meet THE Tinkerbell. It was so fun for me to watch her be so excited. She practiced her best Tinkerbell fly with daddy while in line. She was yelling "come on everybody", trying to make everyone go forward with her when the line was stopped.

Of course when the big moment we'd all been waiting for arrived...she panicked and hid in my armpit. She frequently asks to see her Tinkerbell picture though and is very proud of it. Tinkerbell couldn't have been sweeter.

I think it's so cute the way Kyle always makes sure he gets to sit with Audrey on all the rides.

I'm so excited to go ten hours early for the new water show at CA Adventure!!!!! I'm ALL about the shows!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Princess Audrey

Tonight Kyle had Bryant and the kids over to watch the Laker game while Sarah and I hung out elsewhere. Audrey flipped when the kids showed up out of nowhere...she was SO excited. Later that evening when I got home, Audrey was dressed in her only dress up outfit. She was so excited to tell me that she was "Princess Audrey". She's NEVER been a princess before, this was definitely her first princess experience where she is a princess herself. Later Kyle told me that her cousin Ella had dressed her in her princess outfit and turned her into "Princess Audrey". So cute...Audrey ADORES Ella. Audrey cried and begged to sleep in her "Princess Audrey" outfit but I forced pajamas on her and she finally asked if she could sleep with her outfit. When Ella was leaving Audrey screamed and ran after her asking for a hug and kiss.

Thank you Ella, for helping Audrey become a princess! She sure is lucky to have you and I think she knows it!