Thursday, August 23, 2012

San Diego Vacay

We stayed HERE and loved it. Super kidsy.


Super Classy Puppet Show

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bday KT

KT celebrated his 31st Chuck E Cheese. Audrey planned it all. I have no pics of either Aud or KT b/c I was in charge of Liv. I gave KT the easy kid since it was his Birthday. Audrey planned a little surprise party for him at home as well. I took her to the .99cent store and let her pick out all her goodies. She prepped all day long it was really sweet.

Summer Days

We've been enjoying Heartwell park a lot lately. We hit the duck pond, the library and the bike trail. Perfect evening.

 And Audrey absolutely MUST do her exercises.
 And we must bring home as many specimens as we can possibly collect. Audrey is a born girl scout... she got that from me (jk).


We had an awesome time. Kyle planned absolutely everything and it was perfect. Thanks KT!

 They had movie night at the pool with snow cones. Heavenly.

 A few waterslides, which is a personal fav.

 Cute cousins.

 AWESOME breakfast buffet.

 Lazy river... a must.
 These two saw Brave. Bless KT's heart for seeing a second time with his sweetheart.
 Face painting and balloon animals...all the balloon animals popped the second they touched the ground b/c it was so hot.

We were excited to get back home to our Livie girl.