Thursday, October 30, 2008

Website Madness

Can everyone PLEASE go to Kyle's new company website and check it out?! The more hits it gets the higher his ratings will be. So, everyone please give it a click and check it out! THANKS!!!! I'm so proud of him!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun, Fun

Kyle and I started our weekend with a big celebration at Kobe's Japanese steakhouse. Kyle and Bryant reached one of their many goals, so we all went out to celebrate. A huge thanks for Grandma-Great for babysitting Audrey!

Sarah, my fellow RPM wife and I. This gal is everything...gorgeous and SUCH a good time!
After dinner, while getting into some mischief, Sarah and I insisted on stopping to enjoy a stranger's yard decorations. We enjoyed the decorations up close (on top of them) and from the sidewalk.
Saturday night, my sister Sarah and I had a little GNO with our friends Julie and Sandy. Julie lives in Las Vegas so I had to hang out with her as much as possible while she was in town.
Here is Sarah and Julie busting a move. We had such a good time. I'm so excited for Julie's next visit!
Sunday night we ate dinner with Kyle's family. It's our Sunday tradition. Here is Audrey looking deep into her aunt Kristi's eyes. She actually looks just like her aunt Kristi so I think she thought she was looking into a mirror.Here she is giving her Aunt Kellie some sas. Audrey is surrounded with beautiful Aunts everywhere she goes!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Party Weekend!

We started off our weekend saying goodbye to summer at the beach with friends and family.

Audrey has been obsessed with this hot pink barbie hooker boot. She's been carrying it everywhere for days. I'll put it up and then it re-appears!

Saturday night the whole Williford clan went out for Sarah's Birthday. We partied at Walt's Wharf and it was DELICIOUS, as always.

Mom and Dad

The Williford Sisters

The complete Williford Sisters

Our Fellas
KT & I
The Birthday Gal and I
We finished our weekend with a picnic Sunday afternoon. Bruiser even got to come. Don't worry we had plenty of Diet Coke since we brought the whole 2-Liter!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Aunt Sarie

We LOVE our aunt Sarie. She has been visiting us for a little while now and we've been loving every minute of it! She is Audrey's honorary mommy. She has let me borrow both her hands and her back the entire time she has been here. She straps my little gal on in the Bjorn (Audrey's favorite method of transportation) EVERYWHERE we go! From the mall to the grocery store. We just can't thank you enough Sarah! We love you! Love, Audrey and Amy

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Crawling incidents...

Audrey only crawls when she REALLY wants we bribed her with a donut box...this is the starting line.

Here is the finish line celebration
We've had several power cord incidents. She won't crawl for toys or food she is allowed to have but she'll sure crawl for power sources.

Super Sunday

We had such a fun Sunday. We started off the day with our Besties, The Larsens for baby Shea's big Blessing Day. C-Dog did such a great job blessing his new gal. AND the party/reverent celebration afterward was D-LICIOUS! Our Whole Family

We went to Grandma and Grandpa's house later for more party !
This is Audrey's gangsta frog who sings 50 cent songs. Grandma Great is the one who brought this little guy home. He dances and raps and Audrey loves him and his jams.
We ended the night in our jammies on the floor following around this little gal

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Go to to enter the giveaway for some adorable goodies!

Monday, October 13, 2008

This is How She Rolls

First Audrey took Ava's wheels for a spin and loved it!

Then she started riding around (with dad's help of course) this random old tricycle in our back yard. She would scream every time he tried to take her off of it. Which, led KT to begin his hunt for something she could ride on/in that did not require him bending over.

After looking many places he finally found Audrey's first set of wheels!!! She LOVES her shiny new red convertible! Finally...something I can push her around in that she'll stay in for longer than ten minutes!!! Her favorite way to ride is with her shirt off and the top down. We've already had several car washes ... since it's a compact it only takes a couple clorox wipes to clean and shine the entire vehicle!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Last week we went to the cutest pumpkin patch/zoo in Irvine with our friends. We had such a great yet sweaty time!

We learned I have a suppper long arm
The Ava-bot

Collin even let Audrey borrow Logan for a quick hand-hold
Audrey asked for a kiss but Logan wasn't interested

Audrey went all the way to Irvine just for the pumpkin stems...they were by far her favorite.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chilly Outside!

We went to H&M and got all our winter accessories for under $5.00 per item! So cute and so cheap!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Prom Night - 1984

Kyle and I went to our prom together ... Finally!! And we went...80's style!

I teased my hair and used lots and lots of hairspray

We even did some drinking and driving on the way over.

The party was raging!
Some of the gals

The cutest decorations

The band LOVE YOU LONG TIME played and they were so good! Kyle even won an award..."Most Awesome Cumber Bun"Group Shot

I had such a good time with my date I even went in for a kiss on the way home but he wanted to keep his eyes on the road.

HUGE thanks to these bodacious gals for throwing such a tubular party!