Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our Daddy

I asked Audrey what she likes to do with Kyle the most and she said, swimming and flying.

I asked Audrey if she would let me record her telling Kyle, "Happy Fathers Day". She immediately decided she'd have to wear a princess dress and sing a princess song and started calling it her "show". I had put her in an outfit I'd wanted her to wear and had it all set up the way I wanted it. The Audrey show was all she'd give me...she's a stubborn little ham. But I took what I could get.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Daddy Day

KT took the day off of work to take his gals to dland. It was SO hot and SO crowded when we got there, we hit a couple fav's and then blew that popsicle stand and headed to downtown disney instead. It was fun to do something different and air-conditioned!

This is how I roll...I'm such a sucker! turns out KT has been holding out on us. He knew of a place at downtown disney that sells beignets!!! Holy cow...they made us scream! I can never go to dland without getting these ever again!!!

Audrey is so crazy...she loves the bug show which is so freakin scary. I swear, she's a thrill seeker. She'll watch any movie and go on any ride.

Little mermaid is my new fav ride...i can't help it.

We hit the rainforest cafe, which audrey hasn't been to since she was too little. She could not get over it. She talked nonstop the entire time. She just couldn't believe she was eating in a jungle.

Baby Liv even sat through a movie...she's such a sweetheart.


i love surprise pics on my camera! and...i love aunt kristi!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fun w Friends

I loooove pics of Audrey with her friends. I used to love looking at pics with my friends when I was young so I try to take as many as I can for her. We've been having lots of fun with friends lately, thank goodness. I love fun with's my favorite pass-time!

Around the House

Audrey's Fro ... it's quite a process to maintain! Can you handle this BIG girl and her salon style shampoo?! And there MUST be a snack involved.

This is what the comb looks like after we've detangled...

You'd never know how long this gal's hair really is.

And...we're done! phew.

Audrey is constantly awaiting "true love's first kiss". We find her asleep and waiting all the time and in the most RANDOM places.

Good thing we've got a prince around.

Bathing with daddy, interesting...every night.

Memorial Day weekend

We partied hard with Kyle's fam at the park on Saturday. They are wild and crazy park-style so it was extra fun.

Audrey was killing me swinging so high on the big girl swing.

Dad's with babes.

Don't get me started on the obstacle course competition. I think this park was actually built for teenagers b/c it was def. adult friendly.

Just for the record, JJ (just finished "insanity") won. He was prepared.

Aud's first seesaw experience.

Friday night we did the free-bee at the aquarium. Shark night. It was WAY more fun than I thought it'd be. It wasn't crowded at all and there was lots of cool stuff to look at and touch. There was also a fun band...several over weight men singing lady gaga and other current songs. It was really funny.

We tried the bubbles...they were WAY harder than expected. Fun though.