Friday, August 29, 2008

Sass for the Sassy

I am constantly on the look out for things to put on Audrey's head. I love to keep a party going on top that little noggin. I was so excited to go shopping at this gal's house for headbands and clips this week. Julie sells the cutest accessories on under "littledivamom".
Here is a look at some of our loot...

We even sported a head band at bedtime!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Birthday, Burn and Biting

We celebrated Natalie's (Kyle's mom) Birthday on Saturday. The family threw her a huge surprise party for her 50th! We had so much seeing family and friends.

Here is Audrey with the B-day girl (grandma). Audrey has a kiss from Grandma on her cheek.

Audrey's latest hobby...biting her crib :-(. Everyone told me not to buy a black crib b/c eventually most kids chew on the railing and on black it's not pretty.

Lastly...we celebrated Kyle's "burn-aversary" on Friday night. Here is his "burn-aversary" picture. It's looking a lot better!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Some Family News

And...we finally got Audrey's picture put into an art gallery!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bonfire Baby

Audrey attended her first bonfire last night. The bonfire was for the youth but they allowed her to tag along. She enjoyed the beach and looking at the sunset with her dad.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tore Up!

Kyle and I are one tore up pair! I have had an infected cyst on my arm for the last couple weeks. It's been so gross and painful. Then...Friday night while pulling a pan of bacon out of the oven Kyle got an awful grease burn. Poor guy! It was alarmingly painful. It hurt SUPER bad for hours too. This is the blister that came after the burn. I thought my cyst was pretty gnarly but then Kyle's blister came to town and totally blew my ugly cyst away.

On a much happier note...we got to visit Princess Olive for her big princess Birthday party! Here we are with our gift and with Princess Collin in the cutest tutu.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Calling all Grandparents!!! I am finally documenting Audrey's last couple months of growth.

Audrey has made huge changes during her six month of life. She has been a tad difficult up until now but she is getting better by the minute! She is so much happier and more comfortable these days.

Audrey has started enjoying the park. Sitting up has made her the happiest gal. She loves to be involved with what's going on around her. Swinging at the park is her new favorite sitting up activity.

Audrey has also begun eating baby food. She takes a few bites...spits it out...rubs it around and asks for a nursey. Things aren't going as planned but we're working on it. Peaches and bananas are a slight favorite.

Audrey loves her baths so much. It's a great way to kill an hour or so of time. She sucks on a wash cloth the entire bath.

Audrey has two teeth on the bottom middle. She got her first tooth about a month or more ago and now she's got number two. If you look closely you can see them in this picture.

My very favorite...Audrey finally says "MOM". She has really got me under her thumb now. She says it so funny and carefully. She really puts forth a lot of effort to end it with that last "M".

Audrey also loves giving "high fives". This is her first and only trick. Aunt Rachel was her mentor for this learning experience and so far she's never turned down a "high five". She definitely waits for an "ALRIGHT" to come right after.

Here are Audrey's latest stats:

HT: 27inches (90th percentile)
WT: 20pounds (90th percentile)
HC: 45CM (I have no idea what percentile but it looks pretty big...)