Thursday, October 6, 2011


here are some quick pics of us lately...

There are certain things about being a mom that I naturally LOVE, packing lunches (so far) is one of them. I LOOOVE cookie cutters, I only have a few but I've found a reason besides cookies to buy them! I love finding fun little surprises for Aud's lunch.

We were leaving for preschool this morning and Audrey said, "take a pic of me in my sunglasses for dad and send it to his phone".

She's been pretty good about the whole school thing, once in a while she'll say she doesn't want to go. When this happens I tell her she has to go to the Dr and she decides right away she really wants to go to school.

Liv started eating. She really likes eating, she chews really well but instead of swallowing once she's done chewing she shovels it all out with her tongue. So, she actually just eats whatever slides down accidentally.

We have a dog pecking order...Kyle is Audrey's dog (we ride our dogs...don't know why we don't just call them horses) and Audrey is Liv's dog. I'm too tired to be anybody's dog.

ps. I can't believe Kristen got voted off dwts last night! What the...

pss. We've also been getting a kick out of Up All Night. And I die laughing hysterically over The Middle. (some friendly suggestions)


KaceFace said...

You're such a cool mom!

zuniga family said...

You want to come over and make Salvador's lunch? I dread making his lunches and look forward to him eating in the cafeteria!!

Natalie said...

I think I used fun cookie cutters for Kyle and the girls growing up during their early yrs.
Liv's sweet face is so precious with her food A L L over the place, it makes it hard on you but fun to see for the rest of us!
Audrey's hair is longer than I ever thought, but I love her curls.

Braden and Jodee said...

I've been liking Up All Night as well.

You are such a cute mom with those lunches. We have lunch box day once a month, and B doesn't even get a real lunch box. She paper bags it :(
I did go out and buy a star cookie cutter tonight to help spice up my lunch making skills. Thanks for the motivation.