Monday, September 28, 2009

We are getting ready for Fall...

Cutest pics by Sarah Hull (you can find her on my sidebar b/c I'm too stupid to figure out how to create a link). Audrey went pumpkin smashing/bowling in Sarah's front yard while she snapped away. Big thanks to Megan for helping me to create Audrey's Autumn couture.

Friday, September 18, 2009

SWEET Baby Ryan

Say hello to RYAN MATTHEW WILLIFORD ! The newest addition to the Williford and Hawley family!!! Congrats to my brother David and Sister-in-law Julia!

He is SUCH a sweet heart and couldn't be any cuter! The only "problem" they have with him is that he doesn't like to wake up to eat, he'd prefer to snooze and relax...I might be just a little jealous! David and Julia are such great parents already. Mr Ryan is such an adorable little guy. He has the CUTEST little cry, he does little high pitched yelps that melt my heart every time.

7lbs 13oz

Father and Son Aunt Rachie

New Daddy David and Rachie

This little guy didn't know it but he had a whole cheering section in the waiting room, anxiously awaiting his arrival. We turned the waiting room into a party room...we were SO annoying, I feel sorry for all the moms in labor who were stuck with us. We busted out trashy magazines, diet coke and whole lotta junk food. Here we are around 2am...looking tired but still going strong!

Here I am with julia's sister Jackie, who is going to be wonderful aunt.
Even J-rod came to party.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bday Girl

We celebrated Rachel's Birthday last weekend. I just got some pictures emailed to me so i thought I'd share. I just love this little gal !!

The big 23 year old! ( I seriously can't believe she is only 23)

Aud got lots of love from the bday girl. Here is Audrey and Rachel on Rachel's porch. Rachel's porch has been one of Audrey's fav. hang-outs since she could crawl. She discovered it and loved it all on her own.

Had to share my new fav. thing...audrey's new shoes.

Rachel and J-Rod (Jared)