Friday, October 30, 2009

Hey Mickey!

We are so glad to finally be Disneyland of course! AND, glad to be back with some fun friends! Mickey was looking extra adorable in his little Halloween get-up.

Audrey was super freaked out on monsters inc...she looked EXACTLY like this the entire time and she held my hand super tight but didn't cry.


Heather and Nickolas

Aud and Nickolas (don't call him Nick) enjoying the pumpkin display...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

LOVEly day

Audrey LOVES her music class. She MAY struggle just a LITTLE in her art class, it requires more patience than she's got, but it's okay b/c she makes up for it in music class. So I enjoy one out of two.

During exploration time Audrey ALWAYS sticks with the drum...they have TONS of instruments to choose from but we never stray from the drum. It's a very reliable instrument b/c it is loud and easy to hit the mark.

Now, I hate to be braggy, but this girl is a pro ribbon twirler. I am going to have to say she's definitely the best in her class. She does her momma proud with the ribbon on a stick. The teacher even calls it "Audrey's event". Who needs math and reading skills when you have a great talent like ribbon twirling mastered.

Miss pushy always cuts everyone in the stamp line on the way out the door. She's just as serious about the stamps as she is with the ribbons.

Not only did Aud get to do her fav. gymboree activities, she got to meet up with some of our fav girls for cupcakes later. Grandma Natalie treated the entire Thompson clan to dessert.

Aud dug right in.

These curl are outta control lately...I'm thinking of changing her name to Shirley.
THEN...the next day...RIGHT after I had gotten Audrey dressed I heard her from the other room screaming, "SNACK...WOW...WOW...SNACK". I came to see what food item she'd gotten into and found this... she'd some how acquired the leftovers!!! She takes all food items to her towel and chair so that's where she took it and had already dug in!

She hurried and offered me a bite...

When she saw that her special "wow-snack" was coming to an end she quickly gathered her goodies and made a break for it screaming! It was cute and funny but didn't end well. I still can't remember where I had stored that box but it obviously wasn't a good spot.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sleep Tight

I took this story off of my dear friend Erin's blog. I am assuming that some of you haven't had a chance to read Erin's blog lately b/c it is private. I get the BIGGEST kick out of her posts though and this particular post had me in tears. You might need to know her daughter Natalie to get the full picture but regardless, I thought it was so hilarious and I had to share.

Sorry Erin, I didn't even ask!

One of those nights

Did you ever have one of those nights were you felt restless and could not sleep?
You know the ones where you have to get up to go to the bathroom 3 times but are so tired that you can’t seem to wipe yourself so you call for someone to do it for you.
The nights where you decide to go into your parents room and stand on the chair next to your moms side of the bed so that when your mom woke up from a deep sleep she just sees a big shadow standing over her.
One of those nights where your legs will not stop moving and keep beating against the wall over and over again.
The kind of night where you decide to squish yourself between your parents only to be taken back to bed on three separate occasions.
One of those nights where you finally find some comfort sleeping at the foot of mommy and daddy’s bed then you venture up to be by your daddy only to pee all over him.
One of those restless sleepless nights that gives you enough energy to wake up at 7am.
I wont mention any names but someone in this house had one of those nights.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ward Haunt

We partied hard at our ward Halloween party. It was so much fun b/c everyone was dressed to impress...even the grown ups! I love a festive party!

I still can't believe I was able to talk KT into wearing this bee suit! Big thanks to Vicki for sharing this super fun costume!

Audrey spent most of her evening at the pumpkin walk. The circling kids and music was all she needed for a good time. This little bee also had a BLAST at the trunk or treat. She picked up the trick or treating concept VERY quickly.

I let Audrey enjoy a milky way out of her bucket and she was in heaven. She got really excited and took a nasty spill all over the was SO sad. As we peeled her off the cement we realized she had one main concern, the milky way. She had done all she could to protect and hold onto it as she ate dirt. Once the milky way was officially ready for eating again, all was well. This girl LOVES chocolate.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I'm too young... be a Grandma!

Audrey has been mothering too many babies and it's been quite frustrating for her. We have to rotate the dolls because she cares for them all at the same time and it's been causing her to lose her temper with her babies and her mom. Audrey is already ready for a double stroller, she's got too many babies in her single and they are flying all over the place.

Here is Aud with a baby in the sling and another in the stroller, going for a walk around the house. Busy mom!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ghouls & Goblins - 2009

Scary...I know!
This little gal's costume was killing me.

Audrey had a hard time sending her kitty to the slaughter...oh grumpy face!

Once we pried the kitty from Audrey's death grip we tried our best to bust that thing open...

Little Alice was much too delicate for the job.

So, we called in the cow-girl...she wasn't strong enough either.

So, we flagged down a UPS driver, he did his best but that cat had nine lives.

We ended up playing tug-of-war to get that kitty open.

Deep in conversation...little Alice is such a good friend.

Audrey...doing what she does best...climbing up my legs.

The Huss Fam...that little Dr outfit on Noah was cracking me up.

Big thanks to all our fun friends for dressing up and showing us a good time!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Spook House

My funnest friend Heather came over today to help me decorate for Audrey's spooky party tomorrow. It's gonna be a SCREAM!

Kyle gave Audrey pinata bashing lessons in preparation. We gave her the stick and told her to hit the kitty and she got so sad and kept telling us 'NOOOO'! After dad hit the kitty a few times she decided it looked super fun and went nuts with the stick.

Then she started throwing the kitty...

And hitting the kitty...

And eventually turned on US!!! What have we taught our poor girl!?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Silent Dating

Kt and I are always looking for fun and silent dates we can have in our living room after Audrey goes to bed. We are limited in our activities because Audrey is a super light sleeper so we have to be selective. This is a typical Saturday night for us...treats and favorite t.v. shows on the computer. If you have any fun/yummy indoor date ideas please share!

We enjoyed s'mores this past Saturday night.
Kyle was in charge of the computer (set up) and the ice water. I told him I wanted a big cup and he showed up with this...a Rubbermaid bowl. At first I was not pleased but it actually ended up working quite well.

My original idea was to toast our marshmallows over a lighter but KT did not appreciate that idea and decided we should use the fireplace instead. It worked much first I was scared of our creepy fireplace but I kinda like it now that I have seen what it is good for.

It was a very tasty and quiet evening. We got caught up on our heroes episodes.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


My AudiBee is all ready for Halloween! Once again, thanks for the cutest pictures Sarah!