Monday, July 16, 2012

Thursday, July 5, 2012


This is how my kids take their 'dogs' for a walk.

Monday, July 2, 2012


We counted down the days and June 22nd finally came. It didn't disappoint. We had a perfect family day (minus baby Liv).



We enjoyed a great Father's day with our guy. We made him breakfast and showered him with all kinds of goodies. We went to church and then enjoyed a southern style BBQ ( in honor of my Dad) at my parent's house. The kids all got naked and jumped in the pool. It was a perfect kind of day.

 Mommy and baby duckies.
 My dad, enjoying his fried cornbread.

Broken Wing

Audrey broke her arm a little over a week ago. It's been very dramatic. Everything was fine until she had her cast put on. She's pretty used to it now but at first it was really tight and she felt very clostrophobic. The best news is, it's waterproof and she only has to wear it for three weeks (one week down).

She giggled the entire time the Drs. were putting the cast on. They were very sweet and told her jokes the whole time. We celebrated a Farrel's and she got to pick out something at the Disney store. She really enjoyed her mommy/Audrey time.

 Audrey has enjoyed the little presents and visits from everyone. I wish I would have gotten pics of all her visitors but I got a few.