Tuesday, September 30, 2008

8 Months Old!!!!

Happy 8 Months to my chunky monkey!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Calling All Layers Ladies...

I'm having a layers party this Wednesday night and everyone is invited. Please come and bring a friend. I am also having Julie come with her huge assortment of the cutest head bands and bows ever!!!! Go to Julie's blog off of mine to see some of her cutest bows and go to www.layersclothing.com to see the cutest clothes.

Party Info:
My House / Email me for directions or my address at amy.williford@gmail.com
Wednesday at 7pm
Dessert will be served (of course)!!!

Everything will be 20% off!!!!!

Also: Jodee will have lots of samples from other seasons for super cheap!!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

We've got a ... DAD!

Audrey...right after a big kiss from dad.

We totally can't see you back there KT!

Audrey doesn't hide the fact that she hasn't had much use for Kyle. She's super into "MOM" and always has been. Kyle has never (maybe once) given her a kiss without her erupting into a total temper tantrum afterward. Kyle always asks me when I think she's gonna start to like him. Poor KT! But...last night Audrey finally threw KT a bone!
In the middle of the night Audrey negotiates from her little pack & play for me to come get her. When crying quit working (I got tough) she started in with the "moms". Usually that works b/c I'm a total sucker. Last night I got tougher and the "mom's" weren't getting her anywhere so she stepped up her game once again..."DAAAAD"!! Kyle's reaction was the cutest thing ever. I literally watched him melt all over the bed. He could not believe his ears. He's actually been working with Audrey on getting a "dad" out of her for quite some time now. Every time she calls out "mom" and he goes to get her he says "daaaaaad" and points to himself. All of Kyle's efforts have finally paid off. I'm just wondering if it'll stick or if this was a one time thing for now.

Oh KT, we love you DAD!!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

B-Day Girl

Happy Birthday to my bestest buddy EVER...My Mommy! I LOVE you Mom!!!!!
Without my mom I would be in the loony bin for sure! She does the world for me.
Mom: Thank you for being the best mom a girl could ever ask for. Audrey says thank you for keeping her mommy out of the loony bin too!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bringing Home the Bacon!

We had our first Real Property Management work party! Kyle and Bryant wrote themselves their very first checks so we had to celebrate with a party!!! The business has been in operation for about three months now and they are taking home their first million. Kyle is in the market for a new yacht! (ya right to all of that!) Here are a few pictures the of RPM bash.

Audrey even took a few calls for dad.
Kyle and Bryant signed each others' checks, here is Kyle signing Bryant's.
Here they are paying each other.

Ella was SO funny (as usual)...she kept slipping Audrey whole pieces of pizza. It just drove her nuts that Audrey couldn't enjoy the yumminess.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Moments to Remember

It's no secret that Audrey got off to a screaming start. Now that the screaming has stopped we've been enjoying so many fun moments. I just wanted to remember a few...

Audrey is officially a shopping trooper. Now we go to the store every single day. We just get a few things and it gives us something to do. Here is Audrey on Coke duty.
Audrey is officially too big for denim. The only way she can wear a denim skirt is as a belt. This is an 18-month skirt. She definitely needs items that stretch and denim just has no give.
She loooooves to sit and play with friends. We visited little "Noee" and Natalie Huss and Audrey could have sat there all day watching the two of them.

We went swimming at Aunt Kellie's house and Audrey got to sit next to her little crab floatie. She held his hand the entire car ride. She'd fall asleep and her hand would fall...as soon she woke up she'd reach back up and grab onto his hand again.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Super Saturday!

Today we attempted a real day at the beach. It was a huge risk to take with our little drama queen but the day couldn't have gone better! Wahoo's on the sand...Good! Kyle doing everything for the baby...Good! Wonderful weather...Good! Time with my sissy...Good! The adorable Hull children...Good!

My sis and I
We were laughing from the second we got there b/c of this little gal. Ella was extremely busy with a huge bucket of water bathing a random neighborhood cat!!!! I thought cats hated water!

BFF's Bryant and KT were on Children duty

This little gal just had a full on sand party. We didn't hear one peep from her the entire time. She just let the waves roll on down and dug in the wet sand. She's definitely into touching so I figured she would enjoy the sand.
Oh, Oh, Oh...I love this item. It is a little food net attached to a teething ring. You put frozen fruit inside the net and you can let them chew and suck away without worrying about choking. Audrey enjoyed a frozen banana.

The Hull children = free entertainment! Audrey got the biggest kick out of riding with Katie on the float. Katie was such a helper and enjoyed giving Audrey a ride on the crab.

Right when I thought the party was complete...this big guy showed up! The fire boat came by honking the horn with the firemen waving to the kids on the beach.
Then, they started spraying the fire hose at the kids on the beach. Ohhh, you would have thought Santa was on board! KT and I ended our day with din din at Walt's Warf...I was stuffed! Thanks for the hot date KT!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chocolaty Goodness!

Lately I have been giving Audrey frozen candy bars to suck on since she is teething again. We always have a few different kinds to chose from so it keeps her interest plus it feels good on her teeth. They have been working out so well for her for the last week or so... until last night! Her wildest dreams came true when she got dang thing open!!!!! She had her first chocolaty experience! We were watching "John and Kate plus eight" (a favorite of mine) and not paying attention. The commercial break hit and I realized what was going on!!!! She was quietly sucking on the actual frozen 3Musketeers!!!! I grabbed it immediately, even before I took a picture of her with it. I did get a picture of the evidence and the culprit seperately though.

The evidence!

The Culprit! So sad when I took it away...