Sunday, July 26, 2009


I just can't believe this baby girl is 18 months today!

Audrey is such a big girl and SO much fun. This gal is so full of sass and love and we just can't get enough of her these days. Here are just a few fun things we've been doing lately (over the last six months).

We had our very first movie at the movie theatre together. Thanks to wonderful Stacy, we went to see Horton Hears a Who at the Long Beach town center for free. I only took her b/c it was free and it ended up being so much fun. The movie started and she looked at me with the biggest eyes. She loved the movie, the carpet and gumball/toy machines.

Our Disneyland pass is currently expired but Audrey had just started to really LOVE Disneyland. Audrey's very favorite things at Dland are the dance/singing shows and the carousel. Audrey is out of control at the shows...she dances the entire time. This girl loves a party.

My sister has a little work out area at my mom's house and since Audrey was about 12months old she would join Sarah in her work outs. I keep forgetting to document this but it's a fun memory for me. Audrey has always loved to lift things...a random hobby she developed all on her own. She lets out big grunts while lifting as well. So, she really enjoys using Sarah's weights. Sarah has a pair of "perfect push ups", which Audrey would use to do her own push ups. She would drag them around the house and then randomly throw them down and start busting out her push ups on them. Audrey also does her stretches on Sarah's stretchy/roller thingie every time she sees it. She uses it just like she sees Sarah use it.

Audrey still has hard time in the car. This gal just can't stand to sit still, let alone, be buckled down. She does loooove to use an ipod while in the car though. She holds the ear piece all by herself and bobs her head to the beat. It's sooooooo fun/funny.

*Audrey amazes me every day with a new word or a new ability. It's been so much fun watching her learn and grow.
*Audrey is very polite and always says please (pu) and thank you (dee-doo).
*Audrey LOVES her shoes and her friend's shoes as well (sorry Collin). "Shoe" was one of her first words.
*Audrey calls Kyle, "Kyle". If someone asks her where her Dad is, she starts calling out KYLE!! And Audrey refers to herself as "Audie". When she wants something she'll point to it and say "Audie?" and then nod her head yes that she can have it.
*Audrey has become very helpful around the house, throwing things away. She'll come to me with something and say "trash?" and wait for me to say yes or no.
*Audrey LOVES her Gymboree classes, we started going this summer and she has had such a great time. I love taking her. She especially loves music class where she gets to learn about new instruments and make her own beats.
*Daddy has taught Audrey all her head parts (eyes, nose, hair etc...). She definitely prefers to only practice this with Daddy, it's their special activity.
I could list things I love about Audrey forever, but here are a few for the family far away that we love so much and wish we could see more often. I promise to update Audrey's doings on a more regular basis!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

B-Day Hubby

Sunday we celebrated Kyle's Birthday at my parent's house with my family. Kyle is turning 28 this Thursday.

Here is KT with his Bday piezookie.

My mom made homemade of KT's favorites.Here is Diddy and my SIL Julia. Here is our family picture of the's very professional, please notice Audrey's outfit is covered in grease.

Josh and Rachie

I just love both of these pics so I am sharing both even though they are the same. I just love Audrey's expression in both of them.

Here is Rachel and Audrey...Audrey ended her night with a quick skinny dip in the pool.

KT and Josh...stuffed.

Thanks to both of our families for all the fun and super duper presents!!!! We celebrated with Kyle's family last week but I didn't get any pictures. I was much too concerned with my s.i.l.'s announcement that she is pregnant!!!! Now I have a total of three pregnant s.i.l.'s Audrey and I can't wait for these cousin-babies to get here!!! So far we have one boy and one girl, we can't wait to find out what Kacey's will be!!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

BBQ w the fam

KT and I had my sisters and their "friends" over for some BBQ a few nights ago. I asked Sarah to teach me how to make her FAMOUS fillet, so she came to give me special instruction. I took careful notes to share with all. Now, let me start by telling you that this is better than any fillet I have ever had, it seriously MELTS in your mouth. You don't even need a knife. AND the best part... you can feed ten people for the cost of one at a restaurant!!!!!

Step One: Buy this honkin', huge, gnarly looking piece of fillet from Costco. If you don't have a Costco membership, your step one, is to get a Costco membership.
Step Two: Trim the fat, just scrap it off with a knife.

Step Three: You slice that huge sucker into perfect little fillets and season. Sarah recommends making criss-cross incisions on both sides of the steaks to allow the seasoning to really sink into the meat.
Step Four: Throw those beauties onto the BBQ...not too long if you want them medium (best way to enjoy fillet).

Step Five: Enjoy with friends or family!

Rachel and Jared (aka J-rod, Jar-wed, jer-bear)

After a delicious meal we enjoyed watching Sally and Shane on wipe out!!!! I saved it for anyone who missed it!

Here is a huge hug from Audrey

Rachel, cleaning up Audrey's mess, paused to pose with it.

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July - 2009

Us Thompsons had the most fun and relaxing 4th this year. We celebrated with friends and family all day long and had an absolutely perfect day. We BBQ'd at our house and then watched the fireworks in our usual spot.

Me and my 4th of July date.

Audrey with her little pal Collin. My fam. got such a kick out of these little cuties all night long.

My funnest friend Megan even joined us with her little fam (Collin is Megan's daughter).

KT BBQ'd the yummiest sliders and the kids hit the splash pool (and so did the dad actually broke the splash pool).

Here is Rachel with all-grown-up Ava. We were so glad the Larsens could join us during the day. Since our best pals moved to San Juan, we don't get to see them as often, so it was a rare TREAT!

I'm seriously in love with my new checkered, fun chairs (super cheap at ikea).

Me and my favorite gal!!!!!

Audie B's fro was seriously out of was a wet, sunscreen-drenched, curly MESS!!!