Saturday, February 26, 2011


Audrey:"Mommy, I'm gonna put your tooth brush in the trash....Ok?!"
Me: "No, why?"
Audrey: "Because, it's really dirty!"
Me: "It's not dirty, why are you saying it's dirty?"
Audrey: "Because I put it in the toilet...just for a little bit."

Me: "What do you think Baby Liv (the new baby) is gonna look like?"
Audrey: "Like a princess"


...Audrey's toe, that is. She pulled a huge glass table-top off of a table and onto her foot while climbing on top of it. My sister Sarah and I took her to the Dr the very next day where she completely FLIPPED OUT and would not even let anybody look at it. So...there was a LOT of screaming and holding and crying. Audrey kicked the Dr in the chest and face several times...she was wild.
After that crazy apt we were referred onto an Ortho Dr.

We let the patient decide where she wanted to get a treat and she said she wanted to go to See's for a heart. I thought I deserved a whole bag of See's.

There was another incident at the Ortho was expected. KT did his best to be fun and inappropriate but Aud wasn't buying it. She kicked another Dr (who was really rude about it) and screamed her guts out until we taped and boot-ed her.

Here she is with her new boot. She hates it.

They said, usually a toe isn't that big of a deal but she broke it right on her "growth plate" which is a bad spot so that is why we have to treat it like a broken bone.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Big Bear 2011

We spent the weekend in Big Bear a couple weeks ago with Kyle's sisters and their families. Everything was just perfect, I wouldn't have changed a thing (except for Kellie's "accident"). Good company, good food and so much fun! Audrey had so much fun too. I'm so glad we did this before our new babe is here.

We stayed in a great cabin with lots of space for everyone...made everything so easy and relaxing.

Audrey's first snow ball...

We all took turns cooking and everyone made the most delicious meals. YUMMMMM.

Ohhhh Eastie...all the kids had such a good time!

Audrey's snow was a giant frozen lump that she and kyle threw a piece of ice on.

Bullard family

Kyle took Audrey sledding and she LOVED it.

This place was had an escalator.

Dinner out

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vday Festivities

We had such a fun Valentines day! Hope all of you did too! I was a little sad I didn't plan a Vday party for Audrey but we had a fun day just the two of us anyway.

We started our morning baking some goodies to take to KT at work. I am going to share this recipe with you all in another post it is SO GOOD!

Audrey has a very special relationship with brown sugar...she LOVES it. Here she is giving the bag a huge hug and then begging not to let go.

Audrey was in charge of the utensil basket and she took her job VERY seriously. She wouldn't let it out of her sight. (she's been a tad obsessive lately)

We took our Valentine out to lunch. I was cracking up when I saw KT in his pink shirt on Vday. He claimed he hadn't worn it on purpose.

We came home to a flower delivery. Audrey is beyond obsessed with flowers lately so it was a really big deal for her. She sang like a princess for the rest of the afternoon and is still dragging those flowers all over the house. She bathed with one of them tonight (i'm not joking).

Audrey loves her cousin Ella as much as she loves Ariel (the princess), so when she got a special Ella delivery on this day of love she was overjoyed.

Can you see the joy?

Cuuuutest cake balls

And CUTEST lil birdie clip

KT and I got a babysitter (who brought more adorable treats) to go party at the exclusive, and oh-so-posh...

EL BURRITO JR!!!! Don't be jealous ladies, some day your man will take you there too!!!!
Such an adorable day...I love holidays with my fav gal, it's so much more fun!
Doesn't every girl sing like a princess when they get flowers?!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Day

Instead of gushing about the many, many reasons KT is my sweetheart I will sum up our relationship with one typical Kyle and Amy moment...

Kyle: Enters living room with a huge bowl of ice cream.

Amy: "Mmmm...will you make me one?"

Kyle: "Sure, take this one and I'll make myself another one."

Amy: "Awe, thanks!" (begins to inhale ice cream)

Kyle: Comes back into the room with a piece of candy instead of a bowl of ice cream.

Amy: "I feel bad, did you not want to hassle making another bowl of ice cream?"

Kyle: "No, I didn't really want ice cream anyway. I'd rather eat candy instead."

Amy: Finds the empty ice cream container in the trash before going to bed. It was the last of the ice cream.

*AND...the poor guy eats soy ice cream b/c that's all I can eat.

In every situation KT gives me the last of the ice cream. He is the sweetest Valentine I could ever ask for. I don't know how I got so lucky but I feel guilty all of the time!!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Birthday Par-tay Girl

Audrey celebrated her third Birthday with a "pink princess party", where all things were pink and princess. A huge thanks to all of her friends for coming and our family too! We had such a great time celebrating with all of you.

Audrey wouldn't take a single picture during her party so Aunt Kellie was nice enough to take her for a walk after the party and get some good shots of her on her actual Birthday. Thank you so much Kellie!

Let the party begin...

Audrey's chair folded up and fell down with her in it during the pinata so we couldn't get any happy pinata pics with her. Ella broke open the pinata for everyone. All of our prince and princess guests were so polite when it came time to scramble for prizes and candy. Everyone kept commenting how cute and quiet all the kids were while politely gathering goodies.

We got two pics of Audrey actually letting us take her picture and both of them are with her cousins. This one is with Ella and the other one is with Katie in the bouncer. She refused a single picture but was so compliant when they were taken with some of her favorite people.

My sister Sarah brought the was beyond adorable and of course Audrey LOVED it. Sarah took Audrey to the bakery where she works and let Audrey pick it out ahead of time.

Once we passed out cake to everyone Audrey insisted she keep the castle with the princesses placed, just right, on top. She was beyond heartbroken when the leftover castle disappeared the next day.

My sister Sarah did her best to take a picture of every guest for Audrey to look back on. Thanks Sarah !!!

These two had SUCH a good time in the bouncer with Kyle after the party was over. Katie is a professional model and it made me so happy when Audrey tried her best to imitate her b/c it was Audrey's second official pic of the whole day. Thanks Katie!

We just LOVE our little 3 year old princess-loving-lady so much! Happy 3rd Bday Audrey!!!