Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December Activities

So much December fun this year. We enjoyed our Elf, "Princess", the advent fairy and lots of Holiday activities.
We had the missionaries over to set up and decorate our tree. Audrey loves having the missionaries over. She gets so upset when they stop by (I'm not a fan of stop-by's) and I send them away.
 Made a gingerbread tree.

 Left lots of snacks for our elf.

Enjoyed our ward Christmas party.


 Audrey asked Santa for a popcorn maker and Liv asked Santa to go home.
 Grandma Natalie had fun Christmas activities every Sunday at her house.

 We baked Grandma Joyce some cookies and Caroled at her house.

 We rode the big red bus (upper level) around Naples to look at the lights. We all LOVED it, even Liv enjoyed it. Every time the bus would wiggle everyone around, Liv would say, "everybody okay?!" We're doing it for sure next year.

 Audrey made cards and presents for family members and friends all month long. I just left her art stuff out, all over the kitchen table for the entire month.
 Every year I take the girls to pick out an ornament for themselves (they will take all their ornaments with them once they are married). It's fun b/c they pick a little token of what they are loving at that time in their lives. Audrey picked out a Merida ornament and Liv picked Minnie.
 Ricekrispie choo choo with Dad.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

KT's Jems (phone pics)

Audrey's been begging to go ice skating for a long time so Kyle finally took her recently. She did really well for her first time but concluded at the end she didn't ever want to do it again. "Too cold and icy". Not sure what she was expecting. Kyle said it was the fall in the above video that was the big dream crusher.
I got this shower cap at the dollar tree and it cracks me up.
KT just loves his Livy so much.
Audrey's art makes me laugh so hard. She always draws herself with long curly hair. She's always got a story for every picture. I'm going to start putting her little drawings on the blog when I remember to b/c I want to remember them.

The other day she said, "Mom, can you BELIEVE Jesus made me an artist-girl?!?!".
Audrey juiced a cranberry...drank it and couldn't get her face straight. SO SOUR.
Kyle was taking the girls for a walk the other day and then looked back for Audrey (she's always poking around in people's yards) and didn't see her. Then she called out to him and he found her in a tree. She's such a nut.
Kyle takes the girls to the pier to eat at Ruby's almost every Saturday. They end up in the water even when it's freezing. AND, with bird feathers...which makes me gag!

Liv is OBSESSED with this "choo-choo" at the mall. She rode it four times and cried for more.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Thanksgiving haps

Audrey swept for so long, I didn't tell her that rakes exist. Maybe Santa will bring her one.
Livy just loves her "docta purse" and she has been bringing it all over the place lately. She likes to be referred to as "docta" and would love to give you a "chick up".

Photo: My little Thanksgiving turkey. #audreygram

"Fashion Clothes!!!!"

I bought this dress for myself the day after Halloween for next year. I had it in a bag waiting to be packed away. I hear Audrey in the other room saying "OH HOW BEAUTIFUL, I wish I had these fashion clothes!!!!" She'd found my costume...and now it's hers. And it's a million sizes too big. Hopefully there will be something left of it by next Halloween for me to wear. It did come in a bag from Walmart so it will probably be in threads by next year.