Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Baby's Daddy...

Introducing...My Baby's Daddy... Some of the finest moments in the life of KT !!!!

Thought I'd share just a few of my most treasured pics of Daddy KT...

Cinco De Mayo...Juice shots...b/c we party like rock stars!

Kyle in thug days...he was a pale k-fed for Halloween.

Kyle's face when I told him I was prego!

Kyle LOVES frozen yogurt...he ate like a hundred cones on that vacation b/c it was all you can eat. This is one of his proudest pics...he's erased it multiple times but I keep it on back up.

He's going to be such a great daddy...I'm lucky I have him!!!!!

Work Shower

Last Friday Audrey and I had our work shower (she's really good about coming to work with me every day). We had a great time and got lots of new stuff. The office had a cute cake and catered Super Mex style which was super yummy. I love Super Mex. I have to give a big thanks to my buddy Lisa who put the whole thing together!

This is little work buddy. I put down the crack pipe right before they took this picture...I had to add this picture b/c my sister in law Kellie is there in the back. She just started working at DSI and it's been so much fun for me to have her there.
Here's a picture of the cake. It was marble with chocolate filling. It was very DELICIOUS!!! I thought it was super cute.

This is my boss Jim...he's always very appropriate with everything he says.

This is the only pic. I have of Lisa and her eyes are closed! She's my buddy at work. She put together this wonderful even for me! I love this gal !!!!
I had some good laughs...for sure.

A pic. of the crew

Got lots of goodies ...

Another pic. of the crew...
Some of the girls...

Picture of the spread...
Cute Decorations


Thursday, December 6, 2007



We went to Pei Wei...soooo celebrate Ashley and Megan and how wonderful they are!!!!! We partied all night long. I had such a good time. We topped off our night with Ben & Jerry's and Pinkberry.

Thanks for such a fun time girls!!!!!
Sarah, Megan, Kendall, Ashley & Trisha

The woman who took this picture was smoking...and the smoke floated up into the picture!!! I held my breath so the baby wouldn't smell it!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Ashley Luncheon ...

The girls got together for a special for Birthday luncheon for a very special Birthday Girl...Ashley!!!! We had so much fun celebrating her big day over soup, salad and the yummiest pumpkin bars ever (prepared by pumpkin lover chef... Megan Hess).

Baby Shower !!!!

I looooved my Baby Shower!!! My cousin-in-law Sarah and her family put on the nicest shower ever and I loved every minute of it! It was so much fun to open gifts for the baby and enjoy all the friends and food and games!!!! I would like to send out a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped out.

I wish so much I would taken more pictures of everyone who are just a few to share...

Sarah got the pettiest cake ever...and it was sooooo yummy!!!

Kendall, Natalie, Trisha and Ashley

Thank you everyone for all the wonderful presents!!!!

I loved the cute take-homes. I am huge fan of See's candy so I thought these were absolutely perfect!!!!

Heather and I...

FHE ... Bowling !!!!

We went bowling for FHE with Kyle's fam. & it was so much fun! I was a prego bowler!!!! I took some action shots of everyone's form until they announced for me to stop taking "flash photography" over the loud speaker...

Check out everyone's form...




Kyle (aka K.T.)

Black Friday

Black Friday was the craziest morning I've ever had! Kyle decided Thanksgiving night he definitely wanted to go out for the first time in our marriage and catch a sale at four o'clock in the morning. I never miss a shopping trip so I had to join him.

Kyle has been dying for a new t.v. for quite some time now and figured "Black Friday" was the best day to get one. We went to Best Buy at 4:00am to join the crowds which wrapped all the way around the store which was due to open at 5:00am. I can't describe the ghetto scene we came upon!!! Everyone had eaten a chicken dinner Thanksgiving the night before and left most of it all over the sides of Best Buy. There were half eaten pies, trash, tents, chairs, blankets and so many more interesting items abandoned. It was so trashy!!!! Next year we're going to wait in a line in a nicer area where people throw their trash/Thanksgiving dinners into trash cans. Once inside Kyle ran around creating a super heavy pile of electronics which I had to claim as ours by standing next to the items (7 months prego and in my pajamas) with a body part touching them. Kyle insisted a body part must be touching the items or else I was not sufficiently claiming them to be ours. To top off our crazy morning...the t.v. wouldn't fit in our car so we drove home at five in the morning with the t.v. hanging out the back of the trunk at five miles an hour!!!!

It was so crazy but I am now a believer...I can't wait to join the madness next year!!!!