Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Audrey Lately

Audrey has been cracking us up lately! She's definitely turned another corner in development and it's been so much fun (tears)! I don't have my camera with fun pics to share but I'll do another update w/ pics real soon.

Audrey has been speaking in sentences and it's been quite eye opening for are a couple from today...

We were just at Old Navy (I really don't go every day) and she was with Kyle picking things up and taking them to the register screaming, "I BUY dis Kyle!". Kyle was really's just the beginning.

Today I was at the computer and she yanked my arm and said, "Is MY turn mommy". She's not allowed to use the keyboard but how can I argue with a "turn" seemed so fair.

We've had a lot of Birthdays lately so she's really on a Birthday kick. She digs around in the kitchen drawers looking for candles and begs us to light them and then she wants to sing the Birthday song and blow out the candle. KT is always a sucker for this one.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Other Mother...

Audrey loves visiting her other family at Old Navy. She runs to them as soon as we arrive. No matter what location we go to...they are sure to be there. Even the dog is waiting for her. She loves them...she calls the man and woman "mom" and "Kyle"...even though the man is a different ethnicity.

Where's Audrey...

Holding her "mom's" hand...

Spendin' some quality time with the dog...usually he has a dog bowl and needs a "snack" in an urgent manner.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happiest Valentine's Day!

We started our celebration off at the temple so we could receive special Valentine blessings.

Then we had a romantic din' din' at Walt's Wharf...SO DELICIOUS! We topped off dinner with dessert at claim jumper...choc. chip calzone mmmmmmm.

Audrey celebrated too. She LOVES getting fun surprises so we couldn't resist a little fun for our little Valentine. Audrey carried her vday basket around with her goodies for the rest of the day.

KT also surprised his Vday girls with a cake he ordered from creative cakery. He was very proud of himself because the sign had my name on it.