Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pajama Party

I was SO SO SO excited for the Mother-Daughter ward campout this year. Aud was even more excited than me. I got the flu, so we missed it. We were both heartbroken. Seriously. SO... we had our own. I let Audrey handle the theme, she settled on: "Mother-Daughter/Girls Only, Pink, Princess, Pajama Party".

We had all her friends from the campout over. A fun group of mothers and daughters whom we don't get enough fun hangouts with. We decorated crown sugar cookies. Enjoyed a super fun treasure hunt. And, ended our night with a pink-princess gift exchange so everyone left with a present. Seriously, the best party we've ever had. I think all the girls had SO much fun. I want to do another one asap! Unfortunately my sd card was not in my camera when I took a million pics of the whole party so I got some pics from my friend Carly who was able to take a few.

I didn't let the girls go outside because that was where the treasure hunt ended. I had (i mean kt had) the tent set up with white lights around and goody bags inside the tent.

Princess-Pajama FRENZY

At every clue station was a princess item for everyone to put on before we went to find the next clue. Seriously, these girls SCREAMED THEIR LITTLE GUTSIES OUT the entire time. It was so hilarious.

So glad we get to be in such a wonderful ward/stake with so many wonderful families and friends. Hopefully we'll make the real campout next year.


Amy and Kyle said...

Let it go down on record that I did a complete false ceiling in the entire living room with streamers (roughly ten packages)that I don't even have a pic of. It only took about six hours! wawa.

Kellie said...


Braden and Jodee said...

You sent me a picture message of it! I should forward it back to you if I still have it. You are seriously the best party thrower ever!