Saturday, January 31, 2009


Here is our Bday girl. She showed up a little late to her party due to a late nap. She had a grand entrance with her whole party waiting. A friend of mine made her the cutest leopard tutu to wear for her big day...THANK YOU JODEE!

Proud Grandpas

Audrey with her Aunt Rachie

Audrey with her Aunt Sarah

Kacey, JJ (soon to be uncle JJ), Brett and Kristi...all aunts and uncles

Above is Audrey with her Aunt Kellie (wonderful photographer of the night) and Uncle Brett

Below is Audrey's Uncle David, Aunt Julia and Julia's little sister Jackie
Audrey and Jackie

The Larsen Family...our best buddies.
Audrey with her Grandma Audrey (namesake Grandma)

KT, Me and the cake

We celebrated with Spritzers...of course. I celebrated with a spritzer the day Audrey was born and I'll celebrate Audrey's Birthday every year with one. It's our Birthday tradition.

Audrey is a pro at opening presents. She LOVED everything she got. A HUGE thanks to everyone for all the wonderful presents. Audrey is so busy with all her new toys.

Audrey gave her new clothing a hug every time she opened up clothing items. It was so funny...she was raised to appreciate cute clothes!

I purchased Audrey's cake from Rossmoor Pastries...My FAV. bakery. I designed it myself and I was so happy with the way it turned out.

Audrey got a mini cake to match for herself. It was HYSTERICAL to see her eat it. She put her face into the cake and ate right off the cake. She had her fists full of cake and didn't want to let it go so she put her face into the cake to continue eating.

She shopped around with her buddy Ava
Audrey usually hates when I sing to her at night while I'm putting her to bed. On her bday night she was fighting sleep unusually hard and I started singing the Birthday song to her just for fun and she totally quit fussing and fell asleep to the Birthday song. I pretty much cried myself to sleep afterwards, it was just so randomly perfect. She is such a nut...I just love my crazy little Audie B. !!!!

Kellie...Thank you for the adorable pics!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Big ... 1 !

Yes, it is true. My little gal is a whole year old. And she is still giving KT and I a run for our money!



Audrey LOVES her shopping cart (big surprise...she IS MY daughter). She pushes it any way she can. She goes frontwards and backwards. The cart is her new mode of transportation.

Audrey LOVES her new bike from Grandma and Grandpa Thompson. Dada takes Audrey for a ride any chance he gets. Sometimes she falls asleep at the wheel and he has to carry her home.

Audrey is LOVING to walk with help. She'll walk till she drops as long as your back doesn't give out. We're just waiting for her to gain the confidence to do it on her own.

Kt and I both have a fro so it's no surprise our little gal has one too. It just gets longer and curlier every day.

Audrey has become quite the repeat this month. She loves to copycat noises. She imitates the dogs all the time. Sometimes she wakes up saying "woof, woof".

Audrey knows when things belong to Dada. She touches his things (his jacket, his briefcase) and says "DADA", then she rips my purse apart and I get no mention...I guess nothing belongs to me.

Audrey loves giving kisses to the ones she loves. Always open mouth of course.

Audrey loves to party. She bounces up and down screaming and screaming, flailing her arms all over the place. We party every night and she loves it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Three Wheeling

Taking a ride on his Granny's bike...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Our new FHE line-up goes something like this...

At 8:00pm sharp we start our night with a little of this...

Then, at 9:00pm we move onto a little of this...

Finally, at 10:00pm we end our evening of FHE with a little of this...

We take our FHE nights very seriously.