Thursday, November 3, 2011

Punkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch twice this year. The first time we went with my sister Sarah and her boyfriend and my mom. Rachel was a tad jealous so we had to go a second time with "Matchella" (my sister Rachel and her boyfriend Matt). We went the first time about three weeks ago...Audrey is still "thankful for the punkin patch" every single night in her prayers. We'll see what will replace it eventually.

RANDOMLY...the workers started sliding with audrey down the slide. You can imagine how appropriate I thought that was so we had to leave the slide which was the main thing aud wanted to do.

what is happening here?

Audrey wanted to go in here...i told her it was waaaaay too crazy. Audrey told me, "I can take care of myself", I let her go in. She got WORKED and I had to climb in and drag her out screaming and crying.

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Jessie said...

Amy, your kids are so adorable! Liv is so cute, she's just the cutest baby!!! Looks like you guys had fun at the pumpkin patch. We always go to Pa's also. That's such a fun place! Happy Halloween!