Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ward Party

We had SUCH a great time at our ward Halloween party. I took a thousand pics so bear with me. I want to remember our fun little night. KT was super sick so I took the girls by myself and we made it a girls night.


Liv was ready for a nap when it was time to leave so pics didn't go too well for her.

Ohhhhh Minnie.

Audrey spent most of her night with her friend Baylee Fernley. These two had a BLAST.

Oh Minnie!

cupcake walk. somebody brought frosted cupcakes.

lots of super cute games.

My friend Chelsea had the BEST costume!

People do such fun things for our trunk or treat. We are lucky to have so many awesome people in our ward.

These two kept losing each other so they came up with their own buddy/leash system.


trisha said...

You look so pretty my friend! Makes me want my long hair back. Is audreys costume why logan wants to watch little mermaid after school everyday. One of the girls there is influencing him:)!!

Natalie said...

Halloween is such a fun time to be someone "else!" Audrey and Liv look adorable in their costumes.
Audrey's friend is so cute too, lots of happy memories for those two!