Saturday, February 12, 2011


Audrey has been enjoying lots of daddy time lately. Every time they get back from an outing I always crack up over their random experiences. It's always an adventure with daddy. Kyle has been taking her to do something every Saturday since it's his day off and I need a day off. A few Saturdays ago Kyle emailed me this cute pic of Aud at the beach. Kyle had planned to take Audrey rollerskating (with her huge plastic rollerskates) on the beach. As soon as they got there she just wanted to go in the water and play in the sand of course. So, Kyle and Audrey went in the water and built sand castles with no towels or tools. Then he let Audrey play at the play ground in her underwear and if that isn't random enough he then let her hit the bike trail with her rollerskates on... in her underwear. He figured it was the exact same thing as a bathing suit and couldn't figure out why I thought it was so funny. Oh well... that's a typical daddy adventure!

They've also been venturing to Dland together and Kyle took her on the toon town roller coaster for the first time (i never take her to toon town b/c it's too far to walk for me) and she LOVED it. She wanted to ride it three times in a row and she kept practicing her scream in line.


Kellie said...

I LOVE this!! You and Kyle are the BEST parents!

Anonymous said...

I am cracking up at picturing her practicing her scream in line!

Sarah W. said...

It's nice, Audrey sure does love the beach! xo