Saturday, February 12, 2011

Birthday Par-tay Girl

Audrey celebrated her third Birthday with a "pink princess party", where all things were pink and princess. A huge thanks to all of her friends for coming and our family too! We had such a great time celebrating with all of you.

Audrey wouldn't take a single picture during her party so Aunt Kellie was nice enough to take her for a walk after the party and get some good shots of her on her actual Birthday. Thank you so much Kellie!

Let the party begin...

Audrey's chair folded up and fell down with her in it during the pinata so we couldn't get any happy pinata pics with her. Ella broke open the pinata for everyone. All of our prince and princess guests were so polite when it came time to scramble for prizes and candy. Everyone kept commenting how cute and quiet all the kids were while politely gathering goodies.

We got two pics of Audrey actually letting us take her picture and both of them are with her cousins. This one is with Ella and the other one is with Katie in the bouncer. She refused a single picture but was so compliant when they were taken with some of her favorite people.

My sister Sarah brought the was beyond adorable and of course Audrey LOVED it. Sarah took Audrey to the bakery where she works and let Audrey pick it out ahead of time.

Once we passed out cake to everyone Audrey insisted she keep the castle with the princesses placed, just right, on top. She was beyond heartbroken when the leftover castle disappeared the next day.

My sister Sarah did her best to take a picture of every guest for Audrey to look back on. Thanks Sarah !!!

These two had SUCH a good time in the bouncer with Kyle after the party was over. Katie is a professional model and it made me so happy when Audrey tried her best to imitate her b/c it was Audrey's second official pic of the whole day. Thanks Katie!

We just LOVE our little 3 year old princess-loving-lady so much! Happy 3rd Bday Audrey!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like such a FUN party! Audrey has such a personality. Reminds me of me when I was little... always had my mind made up how I wanted everything to go! Ok... go up 10 pics from the bottom. The little girl in the black checked dress is totally throwing stink eye your way! HAHA! I cracked up when I saw that!

TOAD said...

This looks like it was an amazing party. But any party with a bounce house is my kind of party. And that cake looks yummy.

Life is for laughing.... said...

oh my gosh amy she is so so beautiful!!!! i love the valentine pix and her party looked so much fun how exciting :) you guys are just so cute. i love the little ice cream story of you and kyle it made me get teary eyed :) what a great family you have :)

Sarah W. said...

I thought it was funny at the bakery when she found the castle/princess cake in the book she got very excited than gave me a serious look and said, "Saaya... I need this one." :) Love to hear her thoughts and share in the memories. xo