Saturday, February 26, 2011


...Audrey's toe, that is. She pulled a huge glass table-top off of a table and onto her foot while climbing on top of it. My sister Sarah and I took her to the Dr the very next day where she completely FLIPPED OUT and would not even let anybody look at it. So...there was a LOT of screaming and holding and crying. Audrey kicked the Dr in the chest and face several times...she was wild.
After that crazy apt we were referred onto an Ortho Dr.

We let the patient decide where she wanted to get a treat and she said she wanted to go to See's for a heart. I thought I deserved a whole bag of See's.

There was another incident at the Ortho was expected. KT did his best to be fun and inappropriate but Aud wasn't buying it. She kicked another Dr (who was really rude about it) and screamed her guts out until we taped and boot-ed her.

Here she is with her new boot. She hates it.

They said, usually a toe isn't that big of a deal but she broke it right on her "growth plate" which is a bad spot so that is why we have to treat it like a broken bone.


Jill said...

Poor Audrey and poor mom! What a bummer. I hate the doctors even when it's for a well check! Hope she's feeling better soon. See you Thursday!

trisha said...

U do deserve a whole bag of sees. I love how her toes are pink on top of the bruise.

Heather said...

I agree on the sees! Poor Aud. I hope it gets better soon!