Friday, October 16, 2009

Treat Bandit

Here is Audrey after her art class at Gymboree. They have been making the cutest Halloween projects. Audrey made a pumpkin with candy corn teeth. The pumpkin was supposed to have four teeth but only two made it onto the paper. After class the teacher announced how proud she was that only ONE student ate their material...of course it was Audrey. Audrey kept a careful eye on her pumpkin and carried it around all evening long waiting for the perfect moment to enjoy a glue covered treat. KT and I were very diligent in keeping an eye on the pair but Audrey's persistence eventually paid off. We found the pumpkin alone with one less tooth and Audrey hurriedly chewing her glue covered treat.

We have also had some problems with this little gal eating her 'snacks' from the trash can. She keeps a careful eye out for something she might be interested in to make it's way into the can. The other day after putting several pieces of evidence together I realized she'd been eating BBQ chips out of the trash can all day long without me realizing!


Erin said...

She is so cute so it makes up for the trash eating:) This is why my trashcan is on my counter because Noah does the same thing.

Brooke said...

You shold write a book about all the funny, cute things Audrey would be a best seller for sure :)

Kellie said...

AHAHAHA!!! That cracks me up!! She's SO sneaky and SO funny! I love that girl!

Natalie said...

"At least she eats "food" and not guppies!"
(When Kyle was little we had a fish bowl filled with guppies and he walked into the kitchen and said something like.. "Guppies go round and round" as he points to his tummy.
I went in to see the guppies and he had picked up the fish bowl and drank the water with all the guppies)

This age is so much fun and fun to see how they connect their thoughts together!

KaceFace said...

Audrey is sooo adorable and funny! You'll have to put a lock on that trash can!
(Mom's comment about kyle eating the guppies is cracking be up! I can't stop laughing, kids are the best!)
Keep up the posts, loving them!