Tuesday, October 27, 2009

LOVEly day

Audrey LOVES her music class. She MAY struggle just a LITTLE in her art class, it requires more patience than she's got, but it's okay b/c she makes up for it in music class. So I enjoy one out of two.

During exploration time Audrey ALWAYS sticks with the drum...they have TONS of instruments to choose from but we never stray from the drum. It's a very reliable instrument b/c it is loud and easy to hit the mark.

Now, I hate to be braggy, but this girl is a pro ribbon twirler. I am going to have to say she's definitely the best in her class. She does her momma proud with the ribbon on a stick. The teacher even calls it "Audrey's event". Who needs math and reading skills when you have a great talent like ribbon twirling mastered.

Miss pushy always cuts everyone in the stamp line on the way out the door. She's just as serious about the stamps as she is with the ribbons.

Not only did Aud get to do her fav. gymboree activities, she got to meet up with some of our fav girls for cupcakes later. Grandma Natalie treated the entire Thompson clan to dessert.

Aud dug right in.

These curl are outta control lately...I'm thinking of changing her name to Shirley.
THEN...the next day...RIGHT after I had gotten Audrey dressed I heard her from the other room screaming, "SNACK...WOW...WOW...SNACK". I came to see what food item she'd gotten into and found this... she'd some how acquired the leftovers!!! She takes all food items to her towel and chair so that's where she took it and had already dug in!

She hurried and offered me a bite...

When she saw that her special "wow-snack" was coming to an end she quickly gathered her goodies and made a break for it screaming! It was cute and funny but didn't end well. I still can't remember where I had stored that box but it obviously wasn't a good spot.


Lulu A. Hardman said...

I am dying. I love you little girl. And the flower tie thingy you had in your hair looks darling you missy!!! :)

So, I decided I'd try the blogging thing for a bit. Check out my blog when you get a chance! xoxo

Natalie said...

Is that the day I came to baby sit her? We went to lunch but she didn't eat much. (After finding her wow~snacks, I can see why!) She is a joy!

Kellie said...

"Snack! Wow! Wow! Snack! HAHAHAHA! She is SOOO funny!!!!