Sunday, October 18, 2009

Silent Dating

Kt and I are always looking for fun and silent dates we can have in our living room after Audrey goes to bed. We are limited in our activities because Audrey is a super light sleeper so we have to be selective. This is a typical Saturday night for us...treats and favorite t.v. shows on the computer. If you have any fun/yummy indoor date ideas please share!

We enjoyed s'mores this past Saturday night.
Kyle was in charge of the computer (set up) and the ice water. I told him I wanted a big cup and he showed up with this...a Rubbermaid bowl. At first I was not pleased but it actually ended up working quite well.

My original idea was to toast our marshmallows over a lighter but KT did not appreciate that idea and decided we should use the fireplace instead. It worked much first I was scared of our creepy fireplace but I kinda like it now that I have seen what it is good for.

It was a very tasty and quiet evening. We got caught up on our heroes episodes.


Brooke said...

We are ALL about cheap dates...our faves include:

-Renting $1 movies from the Red Box
-Camping out in front of our fireplace
-Scrabble and wine
-Taking turns reading to one another from a book
-Going to the park and having a picnic
-Giving each other back or foot rubs
The list goes on and on....ahhhh being with the one you love is sooooo fab- we are such lucky girls :)

Kenny said...

So fun! Have you invested in a sound machine yet for Audrey's room? It changed my life!

Hess Fam said...

You're killing me. The Tupperware?! Now that's my kind of drink!
I'm so excited to see your house!

A Rosie Family said...

Very cute! I love that you guys figure out something to do together.

Love the cup idea too by the way. Good thinking Mr. Hubby!

Kellie said...

I was SO about to volunteer to watch Aud but then I realized I'm pretty sure I'll be having a baby! haha! That is SOOOOO cute! I love the fun/at home dates. The Rubbermaid was awesome. SO Kyle! Glad it worked out for ya! And as far as ideas go-we aren't used to having to be quiet, but one thing we like to do at home (other than catch up on our shows like you guys) is play cards. LOVE you!

Natalie said...

Depending on Kellie, we'll take Audrey on Saturday evening. We have a ward conference dinner to attend. It's a chili cook off with fun for the kids at the Bloomfield blding.
It starts at 5PM so you could bring her here at 4? Let me know.

Deon said...
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Deon said...

This is a fun Blog about romance and dating

Jeanine said...

Oh my gosh...I can't believe you used the fireplace for that! I'll have to try it!