Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas Eve

Breakfast with ALL the cousins at Great-Grandma Joyce's house!

She reserved a clubhouse for it and it turned out awesome. Her pancakes and strawberry jam are famous. Everyone pigged out and had a great time.

Liv with aunt Kristi

Christmas Eve night...we had our families over to our house. I LOVE Christmas eve night b/c Santa is on his way. Later in the night we heard Santa on our roof and jingle bells outside Audrey's window. Audrey was SOLD. She left the party and went to bed, in a state of emergency. She was VERY worried b/c she was still awake and knew she should be sleeping. She wouldn't even let me come in and talk to her. She said, "mom stop talking!!!!" The girls also opened some presents from Grandma and Grandpa Thompson. I love opening gifts on Christmas eve that aren't from Santa b/c then gifts can be enjoyed more.

Liv and my Dad. Liv actually looks just like my dad. Their baby pictures are identical.

We could hardly calm Aud down for a decent pic.


Kellie said...

Those pics at the bottom of Aud rolling around are SO funny! She cracks me up!

Braden and Jodee said...

I love how excited Audrey was! What a crack up.