Thursday, January 5, 2012

Advent Fairy Day 20 & 21

Day 20- Read Arthur's Christmas Cookies and make cookies. This is my childhood book and I love reading it with Audrey. We read this one all year long b/c it's a fav of mine.
Ok. Audrey has some SERIOUS elbow grease. She can stir any dough for any period of time. I had no idea how thick this dough was until I took a turn and I was seriously blown away that she'd been stirring it the whole time. I think it's determination.

We made Crinkles...soooo good. I've always wanted to try making them and advent fairy gave me a reason to. They were actually really easy and they turned out just how I love them...soft and chewy! YUM!
Day 21 - Gingerbread house with aunt Sarah. My sister Sarah scored a pretty sweet gingerbread house from her bakery. The real deal. It turned out super cute. Thanks again Aunt Sarah!

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You and your sister are soo stinking pretty! Could you send Audrey over next December to stir all my cookie batches?! I need another arm of steel over here!