Thursday, January 26, 2012


6 months old

4 years old

My Audrey is four years old today.

Every morning Audrey opens up her door and welcomes me into her magical world. I treasure every day we spend together there. I hope I never forget this magical year with her. She always welcomes baby Liv as well. The new ideas and places we go are never ending. I can't imagine her ever running out of ideas. "Mom, I got an think that would be great?!" Audrey would rather play pretend than absolutely anything else.

Audrey has never really enjoyed coloring, she'd much rather create. Lately she's been making story books with pics. She invents her own stories and re-tells stories she's heard. She's also been making clothes and jewelry out of paper and art supplies. They are actually wearable and very inventive. She loves making these items for gifts. She uses at least two rolls of tape a week. I buy tape in bulk for her.

Audrey loves to cook in the kitchen. Her favorite dish is fruit salad. She makes fruit salads as often as I'll let her. It's a different recipe every time. She's always got a different idea for the "sauce" .

Audrey loves to pick flowers outside, she's loved this for years. She tells Heavenly Father she's grateful for flowers every night. She LOVES receiving flowers.

Audrey's fourth year was an absolute DREAM for me. Perfect.

Last night Audrey and I were watching the movie UP together. During the begining when it shows the wife growing old and sick Audrey says to me, "mom, when you get old like that Grandma I will take care of you, okay". I started crying immediately. Every time she sees me cry she always puts my head in her lap so that's what she did.


Trisha said...

Happy birthday audrey! Logan is so excited to play with his friend "audrey thompson" never just audrey. I hope brynnley is as sweet to me as audrey is to you.

Kenny said...

Can I please have an Audrey, too? She sounds like a dream! Happy birthday, sweet girl!

Braden and Jodee said...

She is such a cute girl! I'm so happy your crazy baby turned into such a fun, sweet bff for you :) Happy birthday Audrey!


Happy Birthday Aud! I first thought that picwas liv and I was like "they sooo look alike!"!
PS... "tag! You're it! " see my. Blot for details.

Kellie said...

Gwen randomly handed me a tissue before I read this post and it is a good thing that she did because I was BAWLING through the whole thing. Audrey is a sweet angel and you are a wonderful mother to see it in her. Happy birthday, Audrey! We love you so much!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday to Aud bee!! Love her sweetness. She is such a beautiful girl.

Sally said...

Oh my gosh, those are some cute stories. Wow. So cute! I love that little girl! I'm glad you're having so much fun with her.