Saturday, December 3, 2011

Play Date Party

A friend of mine moved this weekend and Audrey was more than happy to have her girls over for as long as possible so their mom could have some time to pack. We invited their cousin as well (it just wouldn't be the same without the whole gang) and decided to make it a good ole fashion party! Why not?! I'd been waiting to enjoy some crafts with friends so it was perfect timing.

I didn't tell Audrey until she walked in the door from school and discovered the set up all on her own. It was soooo funny...she thought santa had come. She said "ohhhh mom, you think santa did this for me, or somethin' (lately she ends everything she says with, 'or somethin') ?!!!! Bless her heart. I told her Santa was def gonna be better than some balloons and a table cloth but it's good to know she'd be happy with just that!

we made wands



holy static

once it was dark we settled down for a movie.

it was a super fun day. i def gotta do this more often.


Braden and Jodee said...

You are such a fun mom! Brighton says, "or somethin'" all the time too. It's my favorite.

Jill said...

I owe you big time! That was such a treat and the girls keep talking about it. Thanks for being such a fun mom and nice friend!


Looks like so much fun!