Friday, December 30, 2011

Liv'n at 9 months!

Livie Lou is nine months old!

We DIE over her. She's got such a fun little personality and LOVES to joke and laugh.

She loves using those little fingers to figure everything out. She can open her own yogurts and figures out her little toys.

Liv loves to watch movies of herself and Audrey. She also loves to dance. She'll dance if you make any kind of noise with a beat.

She says mama and dada for Kyle and I when she wants us. And she says "HI!" when she sees someone and points and waves. Really cute to watch her communicating. And she gets a total kick out of it too. She points to herself and pats her chest when she's asking for something or thinks something is for her.

She's in the fiftieth percentile for height and weight (as usual). She weighs 18 lbs.

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