Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Liv'n at 5 months!

Liv is 5 months old today. Time has FLOWN by.

Loves: her feet, water bottles, watching people eat, outdoors, her big sister, to be included, to be silly, and everyone.

She is thoroughly entertained by Audrey. During a typical morning she has enjoyed a camp out, a tea party and a picnic all in the first hour of her day.

She rolls from side to side, playing with her toys but doesn't flip all the way over to her stomach. She HATES being on her stomach.

She's been congested since the day she was born (poor thing). The Dr says she's too young for any allergy meds.

She just recently quit sleeping through the night. I'm hoping she'll return to her old ways.

Her nicknames include (but are definitely not limited to): Livy, Livy-bird, Wiv, and Lovey liv

She's made us a happy little family of four!

This morning Aud was "reading" to Liv out of the scriptures...lots of dragons and fights were going on.


Braden and Jodee said...

She is just so so pretty! I love every picture. And I love hearing about the relationship between her and Aud. So cute.

KaceFace said...

She is so adorable Amy! That's so fun that Audrey does all those things with her! Happy 5 months!

The Hull Family said...

Both of your daughters are so beautiful. It must be so fun to watch your 2 girls interact. Can Audrey read the scriptures to me?...her version sounds so interesting!