Saturday, August 13, 2011

KT is 30!

We celebrated Kyle's 30th a few weeks ago with family and friends. Kyle's main birthday celebration was a "man trip" including golfing, surfing and camping with his manly friends. I would like to thank all the wives who let their husbands attend his extravaganza! I know it's a huge sacrifice to give up your hubby for a couple days!

Easton wore his special sponge bob was adorably funny.


Natalie said...

What I love most about Kyle is his dedication to his family, he adores you, and his children! (What more does a "mother" want to see)?
I love you Kyle!

KaceFace said...

Thank you for having us all over to celebrate that day! I look so worried in that picture, maybe I thought all those candles on his cake might burn down the house.haha