Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Audie Lately

Audrey's homemade fishing pole. Lots of pink. For some reason she never can catch a fish with that great pink ribbon, but she loves to try. And KT just mobs around the beach with that thing letting her "fish" off the pier and where ever else. He had to drag her away from people's real fishing equipment last time they went.

Where's the ketchup? In Audrey's backpack... every time. Why? I have NO idea.


The Hull Family said...

She cracks me up!! I guess you never know when you might have some french fries that need some good ketchup!

KaceFace said...

Haha! The ketchup bottle is cracking me up!
You should tie a magnet to the end of her fishing pole and glue more magnets to other things so she can "catch" them. My dad did that when we were little.