Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

I LOVE Christmas Eve. When my kids are grown I really, really hope Christmas Eve is my night to spend with them and their kids. I love all the anticipation and nobody is worn out from Christmas Day yet...everyone is ready to party! And, party is what we did at the Williford house. My mom decided to do a full-blown Thanksgiving dinner because it's our favorite meal.

Sarah was in charge of dessert and she did chocolate, raspberry boats (i think that's the name)...they were insane. Here is Diddy all ready for dessert.

This crowd cracked me up when it was game-time. Hoooooly craziness. We played Christmas Bingo and "The Thankful Game". People were demanding re-matches and it went on and on. Maybe it was due to the most amazing prizes brought my myself. The peanut butter cups from Trader Joe's, brought on the frenzy.

Even after re-matches were called...Rachel remained the winner of "the thankful game". She knows everyone the best.

Sarah won bingo in less than thirty seconds.

Audrey is always in the kitchen at my mom's house. She LOVES to cook with anyone who will let her. She doesn't even wait for assistance...she drags in a chair from another room on her hands and knees all by herself. Somehow she has realized she can push big chairs better from the bottom. Here she is buttering rolls with aunt Rachie.

This guy was asleep before the party even started...

Party people

When Audrey wasn't in the kitchen she was wrapping and handing out gifts. She LOVES to wrap and give gifts. She has thoroughly enjoyed wrapping at my mom's gift-wrap station the entire month. other Christmas Bell.


The Hull Family said...

What a fun Christmas Eve gathering. Your family seems like so much fun!!

I love your previous post about how excited Audrey was for Christmas. This is such a fun age...we have really been enjoying all the fun with our excited 3 year old as well, love it!!

Sally said...

Cute and fun! Love Audrey.

The Hull Family said...

OK let me give you the low down on the double BOB. I have mixed feelings about it. I love it because I do use it to jog every day. It's great to just roll out of my garage and onto the street for a run. It's super smooth and easy to push and I love the converter bar so the car seat can click in. I jog between 20-30 miles a week and have only had 1 flat tire. It's also amazing on sand, dirt, and other outdoor terrain.
But I hate using it for anything else. The thing is a beast!!! It's extremely heavy and doesn't fold up very well (without taking all the wheels off) so it's hard to load into the car, in fact if you don't have a van or large SUV it won't fit in a trunk without taking off all 3 wheels. It's really wide, so shopping with it is pretty much out because you can't fit down aisles, and you can forget about using it at the mall!!

I would love to get the sit-n-stand double stroller, to use in addition to the BOB, but Spencer refuses to let me have 2 double strollers. If I were to do it over again I seriously would spend the extra cash (or find one on Craig's list) and get the Phil and Ted's double stroller, because it's a still a heavy-duty jogger, and it's narrow and light enough to use for other things, it's just really expensive!!

Sorry this was so long, but I hoped it helped. It took me forever to chose a double stroller. I'll be interested to see what you decide!!