Friday, December 24, 2010

My Christmas Bell

My little Christmas Bell has been oozing Christmas spirit all month long. She is SO excited for Christmas to come, she is just a little unsure of what she is waiting for. She keeps asking if it'll be Halloween that day b/c I think that's been her best day yet. I'm sure Christmas will top the fav holiday list for her once she realizes she gets a basketful of toys instead of a basketful candy.

Audrey has been killing us with her very consistent yet RANDOM Christmas wish list. It's always the same and has been all month roller skates (like Minnie wears) and "camycanes". I think it's so sweet that she assumes she gets one item and that's all she's asked for. I'll never forget last month when she and I went to Costco and she saw decorated Christmas trees (basically for the first time) and gasped and begged for one to bring home. She just wanted to keep going back to the Christmas trees and we had leave with her crying for a Christmas tree. The idea of a decorated your house, was pure awesomeness to her.

We decorated a gingerbread train with daddy. Of course it was a big hit...what kid doesn't love candy-building?!

She was very fact she peed her pants with excitement and that is why she is pant-less.

We went to the mall randomly one evening to let her run around. If Audrey has a late nap we have to take her for a run/walk somewhere and when it's freezing outside we usually let her loose at the mall for an hour or so. All she wanted to do was see Santa, to ask for those roller skates and I did not want this to be her big Santa moment b/c we were not dressed for our official Santa picture. I begged her to go on the train or the merry go round but she ONLY wanted to see Santa. He was the sweetest Santa ever and when I told them I didn't want a pic they let her visit with him for free. There was nobody else in line so he sat and read her a whole Christmas book and took her order. It was really adorable. I got dirty looks from the staff when I snuck in my own picture. Santa offered her a handshake but she asked for a hug. So funny. I'm just glad she didn't try to give him a kiss on the lips b/c that's usually how she rolls.

My visiting teacher dropped off this little advent Calendar from Trader Joe's at the beginning of the month and we have enjoyed it every single evening since. Every night when KT gets home she runs to get her "cowender" so she can open up a window and eat a piece of chocolate. Next year we'll have to do the real advent calendar for sure.

I want to celebrate Christmas with Aud at this age, forever. This has by far been KT and I's favorite Christmas yet.


Kellie said...

I LOVED this post! And she will too, someday. I'm sitting here tearing... Merry Christmas!!!

Natalie said...

I'm so touched by your and Kyle and Audrey's Christmas so far!
I'm so grateful Audrey has two of the most fun parents to share Christmas with. I think you should share this story with the family at the Walkers home! (Although everyone will have read it except for G-grandma Hess and Paul) But it's so cute and so fun! I actually felt the Christmas feeling through a child' eye! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Soooo CUTE!! I MISS MISS MISS HER!!! And everyone in Atherton! Seriously! I think she is getting cuter- if that's possible!! You guys are-hands down-the cutest family EVER!!

Heather said...

I got your card in the mail! Your picture is soooo cute. Aud has grown up at lot since just seeing her in september! You have such a cute family. Miss you tons!

S. Abd said...


Your Girl is so adorable !