Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July - 2009

Us Thompsons had the most fun and relaxing 4th this year. We celebrated with friends and family all day long and had an absolutely perfect day. We BBQ'd at our house and then watched the fireworks in our usual spot.

Me and my 4th of July date.

Audrey with her little pal Collin. My fam. got such a kick out of these little cuties all night long.

My funnest friend Megan even joined us with her little fam (Collin is Megan's daughter).

KT BBQ'd the yummiest sliders and the kids hit the splash pool (and so did the dad actually broke the splash pool).

Here is Rachel with all-grown-up Ava. We were so glad the Larsens could join us during the day. Since our best pals moved to San Juan, we don't get to see them as often, so it was a rare TREAT!

I'm seriously in love with my new checkered, fun chairs (super cheap at ikea).

Me and my favorite gal!!!!!

Audie B's fro was seriously out of was a wet, sunscreen-drenched, curly MESS!!!


Natalie said...

Audrey has the cutest friends. I can tell she was loving the day!

Can't wait to see your furniture!

We wanted to come for the fireworks... but we ended the day with our own cheap (expensive) fireworks. Dad was happy in the street with the fireworks we had here as we celebrated with JJ/Kacey and the Bakkers.

Did Audrey enjoy the fireworks?

Hess Fam said...

Ugh. I should have done the editing before sending. I can't handle the enlarged pic!
Anyway...I do love those chairs and look forward to seeing them in person!

KaceFace said...

Fun fun!!! You all are so cute!

Are those the chairs you called me about last week? SO cute! I need to go to ikea.

Kellie said...

I missed you guys on the Fourth!! I was wondering if Audrey was enjoying the fireworks. Looks like you and your friends had a BLAST!! I loved all your pictures. And SUPER cute chairs!! Good finds!

Julia Loves David said...

Audrey looks so cute for the 4th! Your new place is very very cute and I love the new chairs! We need to come over again to check them out and to see Audrey (since she really grows a few inches each time I see her) :)

themerckers said...

Grant asked about Audrey today so we had to check up on his girl! He was like, "there she is!" She has made quite the impression thought she should know.