Tuesday, July 14, 2009

BBQ w the fam

KT and I had my sisters and their "friends" over for some BBQ a few nights ago. I asked Sarah to teach me how to make her FAMOUS fillet, so she came to give me special instruction. I took careful notes to share with all. Now, let me start by telling you that this is better than any fillet I have ever had, it seriously MELTS in your mouth. You don't even need a knife. AND the best part... you can feed ten people for the cost of one at a restaurant!!!!!

Step One: Buy this honkin', huge, gnarly looking piece of fillet from Costco. If you don't have a Costco membership, your step one, is to get a Costco membership.
Step Two: Trim the fat, just scrap it off with a knife.

Step Three: You slice that huge sucker into perfect little fillets and season. Sarah recommends making criss-cross incisions on both sides of the steaks to allow the seasoning to really sink into the meat.
Step Four: Throw those beauties onto the BBQ...not too long if you want them medium (best way to enjoy fillet).

Step Five: Enjoy with friends or family!

Rachel and Jared (aka J-rod, Jar-wed, jer-bear)

After a delicious meal we enjoyed watching Sally and Shane on wipe out!!!! I saved it for anyone who missed it!

Here is a huge hug from Audrey

Rachel, cleaning up Audrey's mess, paused to pose with it.


Hoskins Family said...

Sounds Yummy!! I miss all of you Williford Ladies!! Give Hugs to everyone!

Hess Fam said...

I must know what is the secret seasoning?
Looks delish!

Natalie said...

We'll have to have try that at our family dinner.
I'm so glad to see your enjoying your new home and yard!

Kellie said...

OH man!! I cant wait for our turn to come PAR-TAY at the Thompson home!! :) I was laughing out loud at your commentary. You two should SERIOUSLY have a cooking show. I would be hooked.

Sarah W. said...

Hey sis. Thank you so much for all the credit & praise! I love your new place. Many more yummy dinner parties to come. Thanks for the love and fun. The hostess with the mostess!! xo.

Brooke said...

What a mouth-watering post!!! LOL, You are hilarious! Great seeing you guys! xo