Thursday, May 28, 2009

Calling Georgia

Today Audrey spoke to her Grand-Mama in Georgia (my dad's mom) for the first time and she called her up all on her own.

Audrey was roaming around with my Dad's cell phone and kept yelling hello into the phone like she always does...then she put it on speaker (while pounding the buttons) and we realized she had someone on the Grandma! I heard a sweet little southern voice saying hello right back to her!!! It was such an unexpected and sweetest surprise!! I recognized the voice immediately, the voice of my one and only southern bell!! So, Grandma got to speak to Audrey for the first time today, thanks to Audrey.


Kellie said...

Oh my gosh, how CUTE!! I didnt realize you had a southern gma!

Natalie said...

I bet that warmed your Georgia grandma's heart!
(It did mine)

Brooke said...

That is a cute story...Audrey is a riot!!!

Sarah Hull said...

That is just too much! I LOVE that story!

Ash and Christian said...

This is the sweetest story. Leave it to Audrey to rack up her dad's cell phone bill.

Like mommy, like daughter. Love that girl

Hoskins Family said...

That is such a great story! How cute she was saying hello! She is so adorable Amy!