Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baby Blessing !

Audrey's blessing day was truly a dream come true for me. I would like to thank everyone who came to share our special day.

Here's our girl, waiting to get her dress on. She would have preferred to be blessed like this.

Once the dress was on she got very serious about the situation.

Here is Audrey with daddy.

All ready to go...with mommy.

After her blessing with mom and dad...

Here is Aunt Shelley, Uncle Mike and Grandma-Great

Here is Brooke, Uncle Pat, Ryan and Kyle

Here is cutie Cameron with his dad Bryce(cousin), dipping his footsies.

The kids loved dipping their feet in the pool, it was SO hot.

My mommy and sister Rachel.

Here is Kyle's Aunt Janice, Natalie (Kyle's mom) and Lon (Kyle's dad)
Here is Great-Grandma Thompson, Sarah (cousin) with William, Erin (cousin), Aunt Janice and Natalie (Kyle's mom).
Here is Sabrina (cousin) with Audrey. Audrey just loved her. Sabrina even got Audrey to sleep.

My good friends, Ashley and Kendall
More good friends, Megan and Trisha
Ashley and me
Dad,me and Rachel

Sarah and William Woodruff
Julia (my sister in law) and Rachel
Our good friends Rick, Melissa and their baby Audrey.
Sarah and Bryant. Bryant had something in his teeth.

Okay...Ella was SOOO funny/sweet/cute with Audrey. Audrey was fussing and Ella says, "let me take her", just like a little adult. And Audrey was SO happy with her. She did a great job.

Christopher is such a funny and smart little guy. He helped me open some presents from Great Grandma Thompson and then took pictures with them for me!!!
Ella was in the middle of a photo shoot when Ava popped in. "Pictures"!!!! Ava jumps on the bed with them and does this... SO FUNNY!!!
Then she does this...
And then this... definitely not a ham or anything!
(you can see Ella so carefully tending to little Audrey in the back round)

David, Jackie and Julia
Sandy's friend, Sandy, Kacey and Uncle Mike...laughing and relaxing.

Here is Christopher who jumped in for a picture with Ella and Audrey. He also wanted some baby time but Ella wasn't allowing it. Since Ella wasn't allowing baby time he tried to get some Ella time but she wouldn't allow that either. They were so funny to watch.

Here is Audrey with her cousin Cara. Cara is also a baby whisperer.

Me, Kristi (sister in law) and Grandma Thompson. We haven't seen Grandma Thompson in a while b/c she moved to AZ. It was so good to spend some time with her.

Here is Audrey with her cousin William. William is already a knock out. His baby blue's are to die for!
Here are my cousins...Scott, Cori and Amy.
By the end of the party, Audrey couldn't keep her eyes open.

This was such a long post I thought I was going to overload the blog world. If you made it to the end, you're a real trooper!!!!! I just had WAY too many pictures to choose from!!!


Amy & Kyle said...

If I didn't have such bad arm pit stains that post would have been even longer. So, you all better be glad it was a hundred degrees!!!

Hess Fam said...

So fun! Thanks again for inviting us. Thanks to your dad for his compassion for the lonely girl on the couch! Audrey looked BEAUTIFUL! As always.

Janet said...

Great pics Amy! I really wish Chris and I lived closer so that we could do more family things! We will be out in CA the first week in June and would love to see you, Kyle, and little Audrey if possible.

Hull Family said...

What a fun afternoon that was. Sorry about my husband and his lack of social skills when getting a picture taken! I am loving all the pictures with Ella and Audrey, what a precious moment that was! I love that you wrote that cara is also a baby whisperer... we have a handful of them in the family and I love it!
Loving all the pictures. The longer the post the better!!

Kellie said...

That day was perfect! I REALLY enjoyed the time with the family and friends. Audrey looked ADORABLE and I loved ALL the photos!

Erin said...

She looked so sweet in her blessing dress. I am so bummed I couldn't be there. But if I had come we would have been twins! I totally was wearing the same layers dress on Sunday:)

Braden & Jodee Christensen said...

Audrey looked beautiful in her dress! I'm glad you had so many friends and family there with you :) Such a special day!

Ash & Christian said...

I apologize for my out of control daughter and my out of control belly. It's just too much sometimes.

Erin said...

Okay-I meant we would have been twins only because we would have had the same dress. Obviously you look better in it since you aren't 8 months pregnant :)
Sorry just had to clarify :)

Trena said...

Amy, I'm so bummed I missed her blessing! I can never get out of church, so I apoligize! She looked adorable and your family is just so cute! I have her little annoucement on my fridge! :)

Melissa said...

It was so fun seeing you three times last week! Audrey was so adorable in her blessing dress! Glad we got to share the special day with you!

Chiemi said...

Aww!! Cuteness extreme! Audrey looked so darling in her little blessing gown. Oh yeah, I bought some great hair bows! Thanks for telling me about them.

jonesfamily said...

You looked so great, Amy! Audrey is such a cutie! I wish we could have stayed for the festivities!

Anonymous said...

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The Hull's said...

Audrey looks so cute in her blessing dress! She is a beautiful baby. Congratulations on a successful blessing day. I love the pictures of Ella and Audrey. Ella's going to be a good big sister!