Thursday, April 3, 2008

Baby Blessing

We're finally blessing Audrey. We'd like to invite all who would like to attend.

Date: April 13th
Time of Blessing: 10:00am
Time of Lunch: 11:00am (email me for our address at; )
Place of Blessing: 3701 Elm Ave, 90807
We look forward to seeing you!


KManwill said...

what day, silly?

Amy & Kyle said...

Good call Kendall ... thanks for looking out!!!

Anonymous said...


Kellie said...

We'll be there! YAY!

jonesfamily said...

I hope we can make it! I can't wait to see her in person! She is TOO darling!

Titel Troop said...

Thanks for the nice comments! My Mom will love you forever by saying she looks the same and hasn't aged. I checked out your brothers page. His wife is so cute! I don't believe I've meet her yet. Once he got married we kinda lost touch. Ya know how that goes....busy with married life and what not. Do they live near the area still? How is Sarah? I remember Dave telling me she was married. How are your parents? Your baby girl is just toooooo cute for words! I love her big blue eyes! Also are you somehow related to the Smith's? My parents were really good friends with them and I knew Sarah Smith (Hull) well growing up.

Mandi Titel

P.S. Mind if I add you to my friends list?

julesttdmom said...

I will try to get out of RC in our ward and come and see that beautiful daughter of yours!!!! I can't wait!!!

Melissa said...

I just remembered I have to teach YW that day. I'll see if I can switch with someone so we don't have to rush back...if not - we'll be there for the blessing at least!

Audrey looks adorable in her picture by the way!

Erin said...

I bet Audrey will look like a little princess in her blessing dress! As I am sure you will be her stylish momma looking great after just having a baby :) My family is in town for Natalie's birthday so we won’t be able to come. Otherwise I would have loved to be there. I love baby blessings!

-Oh and your announcements are so cute. You have a beautiful little girl.

Eva & Mike said...

She is so cute. If you see Sarah tell her I say hi!