Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I love Conference Sundays!!!!

David and Julia...all snuggie for conference!
My mom and I went and bought two choc. cream pies at Marie Calendar's for our conference extravaganza. We woke up Sunday morning to find one pie looking like this! Apparently USC lost Saturday night and Diddy came home in a rage only to calm himself with 3/4 of a choc. cream pie!!!!!! He has a USC crew he travels with and watches all the games with and apparently they got LOADED on something besides pie that night. We're glad Diddy took his rage out LDS style!

We had cinnamon rolls and fruit for breakfast and BLT's for lunch...sorry I ate my BLT before I could even snap a picture of it. (Actually I ate two of them...oink, oink)

I loooove conference Sundays! I was so excited to get out of bed Sunday morning! We combine Conference with lots and lots of food at my house! There's nothing like jammies, yummy food, good company and the cutest prophet ever !!!!


Braden & Jodee Christensen said...

I LOVE conference Sundays too! This time we were up at my Mom's... Homemade Cinnamon Rolls every time!

Trena said...

Hey Amy! I'm glad to see you have one too! I love this blog - I do the same thing on conference sundays. In our family we call is pajama weekend! :) I hope you are feeling alright! I'm excited you are having a girl. I totally thought you would. Did you hear I got released from YW? I'm in the Spanish branch now!! I don't speak Spanish!

Julia & David said...

That was such a fun day! I love conference just relaxing and eating some great food while listening to very inspired speakers. I can’t wait to read the talks again! It was so nice that I’m thinking conference should be a quarterly event – haha. Thanks for such a fun time, the pie was so yummy :)