Thursday, October 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Lon !!! (Kyle's Dad)

We went to Tom's Tacos to party on! Lon got lots of super cool presents including some new duds and gift certificates!!!! It was an all around wonderful evening with the family! Eating at Tom's is a Thompson Family favorite. I was introduced to Tom's (aka Tido's) once Kyle and I were married.


Julia & David said...

There’s nothing quite like a birthday celebrated with yummy Mexican Food!
I love Mexican Food! You will have to tell me how to get to Tom’s Tacos.

Hull Family said...

TOMS!!!! There is NO better way to party. Do they still have awesome arcade games? That was the best part when I was a kid. I have taken Bryant there once and it was four years ago. I say it's time for a TOMS reunion with the family! What do you order when you go?
I'm glad Lon had a good birthday.

Amy & Kyle said...

Yes, they do have super games there! We should definitely have a Tom's reunion...I swear nothing on that menu is more than three dollars! I looove their french fries!

Lon said...

Thanks, I had a great day and loved having dinner with family at Tom's Tocos.